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  1. poolroom

    Looking for a Website Designer

    Lenny: Take a look at a couple of my sites and let me know if I might be of assistance. I do not do everything myself but have an associate that assists on some of the more complicated issues. almost forgot about this one...
  2. poolroom

    Jay Helfert resigned as Tourney Director at the US Open

    Jay vs Barry Anyone that knows me knows that I will have a biased opinion. I have been VERY good friends with Jay for almost 30 years. That being said, my suggestion is probably to look at Jay's reputation vs. Barry's reputation... Case closed.
  3. poolroom

    Pool Players who look like Celebrities.....

    That is too funny. I just saw this thread and what you said is EXACTLY what I was going to put!!!
  4. poolroom

    Alert Theives are at it again-capone-diveney

    The Cue Registry Last year I started building a website just for this reason. I got sidetracked so not many people know about it so not many people using it but it does get some traffic.... Send me pictures and description, I will upload the info. Could help?!?!
  5. poolroom

    Lots of Cool Stuff

    The Cue Registry Jay thanks for the kudos. I think your new site turned out great and I am glad to finally have The Cue Registry in good enough condition to have people start using it. I think it will be a great resource for the pool community. Something that was long overdue!!!
  6. poolroom

    "Pool vacation" in Colorado....

    Colorado Cue Club is a very nice room with very nice tables. Some action and you can get some lessons from one of the guys there. The most knowledable instructor I have met. PM me if you want to play some while you are here!!
  7. poolroom

    cancer patient benifit!!!!!!

    I can send something, PM me with the shipping info, etc.