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  1. staffi01

    Looking for joint protectors 5/18x16

    Yes, of course.
  2. staffi01

    Looking for joint protectors 5/18x16

    Hi there, i`m looking for a set of joint protectors for my Meucci. If possible 2 shafts, 1 butt. Thanks a lot. Kind regards from Germany, Stefan
  3. staffi01

    Looking for Hager cue extension

    Hi guys, i'm looking for an Hager cue extension. Please tell me what you've got. Feel free to check my itrader! Thanks a lot, Stefan
  4. staffi01

    German Pool Masters

    Earl live: Last 32
  5. staffi01

    German Pool Masters

    What happens to Pool thru the German Tour is absolutly amazing!!! Stream qualitiy is perfekt. By now, Bustamante plays Tom Storm. Storm vs. Strickland and Souquet vs, Bustamante will follow. Enjoy!!!
  6. staffi01

    Earl Strickland vs. Sascha Tege (LIVE)

    Earl Strickland live for free in a few minutes:
  7. staffi01

    Earl - Bustamante live now!

    That is correct! Race to 9, starts with two games of 10 ball, then 2 games of 9 ball and then 2 games of 8 ball. Goes this way until one player reached 9 wins. They call it "multi ball". Today will be part two of the challenge of legends. Earl will Play Tom Storm this evening (European time)...
  8. staffi01

    Leon Sly Full Splice Bocote > Purpleheart

    PM sent, please reply. Thanks a lot, Stefan
  9. staffi01

    selling some cues...

    Hi, ebay says: "This listing (281139916168) has been removed, or this item is not available." I can't see the listings. Thanks Stefan
  10. staffi01

    Olney Wrapless Pao Ferro & Bloodwood

    Do you have pics of the logo? Thanks Stefan
  11. staffi01

    Wrapless Custom Cue For Sale or Trade

    PM sent, please reply, Stefan
  12. staffi01

    FS / Various Cues

    PM sent on cue #4. Thanks Stefan
  13. staffi01

    a couple stix headed out the door

    Hi Brent, very nice work!!! Didn't expect anything else ;o) Get well soon buddy! Stefan
  14. staffi01

    LTB Cheap sneaky butt

    PMs send. Thank you, Stefan
  15. staffi01

    LTB Cheap sneaky butt

    Hi guys, i'm looking for an cheap sneaky butt with 3/8x10 or G10 pin. Let me know what you got. Thanks a lot, Stefan
  16. staffi01

    A few cues FS

    PM sent on the Olneys. Please reply, Stefan
  17. staffi01

    Joint Protectors

    PM sent on set #2. Please reply. Thanks Stefan
  18. staffi01

    Meucci for sale $120 shipped.

    PM sent, please reply. Thanks Stefan
  19. staffi01

    Bocote/ Purpleheart Full Splice BCM "Hoppe" Ring (possible trade)

    PM sent, please reply. Thanks Stefan
  20. staffi01

    Wrapless Tulipwood .

    Hi Jim, looks great!! Please pm me a price. Regards from Germany, Stefan