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    Snakewood cracks ?

    For exterior woodwork (NOT pool cues) Penofin is pretty good. Clear exterior grade. They also make some wood-tone colors like Cedar, but as you note, any oil soak finish already tends to darken the wood. Pay attention to the instructions about putting it on, letting it soak, etc, etc, but...
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    Abe Rich Titilst Conversion

    since i study cues from a (sometimes) maker perspective..... were Titleist cue points length often that mis-matched? Looks like 1/2" if not more? Or is it an optical illusion in the photos? If as appears, a modern maker could never get away with that. smt
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    Machinist level?

    Nice level, but if you put it on a table, and the table is on anything except solid thick concrete, and walk around to the other side, the bubble will move away from you. It will indicate where you are standing on the floor based on the deflection by your weight. Like Mr. Snookered, i use...
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    Pantographs, Still used?

    I still use a Gorton 3D pantograph for any number of things including patterns, pool table parts, and tool making. Have not used it for a cue. Also still use a couple pin routers. & a Thomson table (tracer table for mill or other machines) I seem to be too dumb to understand cnc, though...
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    Cue butt a bit warped - fix it or leave it?

    since this old post is still open....... :) Lignin softens as low as 127 deg C or about 260F (Lower if wet, not really applicable to cues) This is well under charring point of wood, though it can certainly melt finishes. Most glues will soften as well (except not resorcinal and maybe...
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    No mechanics in PA?

    Had to chuckle. OP says he is in central PA Response: Plural, even :) Serious interest: are there any pool halls in PA outside Philadelphia? I routinely travel across central PA between working in DC and home in upstate NY
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    LF Extension Bolt & Bumper

    Do you already have a bumper? That pin is a joint pin, not a weight. If the end of your cue is tapped fairly deep for weight addition, you can use any steel 3/8" -16 socket set screw for adding weight. They come in lengths up to about 2" but are available in various lengths that can be...
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    Mike Sigel cue repair needed

    Honest question from occasional cue maker/sometime restorer of other artifacts who does not however make "fancy" cues: If that was a collectible in any other field of interest, the first thought would be repair what is there. Especially since it appears in the photo to be original natural...
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    Can anyone sell me RKC 250?

    That sounds cool! Hope you get some income from it. Maybe more non-pool related companies will find a use, you just never know. smt
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    Can anyone sell me RKC 250?

    Admitted. My dad was a chemist, and sometimes worked side jobs for his old college roommate also chemist, who developed a custom industrial coatings (paint) business. They'd make & test any kind of paint you wanted for custom apps & you could provide and slap any label you wanted on the...
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    Can anyone sell me RKC 250?

    Dunno the whole story, so you may have tried it. But to answer your Q: if you actually developed and own the brand and formula, i would have found another, smaller, custom formulator who actually wanted your business. There are a fair number of them out there. My guess is that your product...
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    Thread mill to match Radial pin

    OP said: Cuefits, i think he needs the opposite mating cutter, not the one you showed. (Unless i mistake OP's Q) Is your (Cuefits) cutter HSS or micrograin carbide? smt
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    Whats it cost to restore a brunswick like this?

    It could be a Saratoga as you suggest, missing some carved trim; and feet; assuming you have reason to be certain it is BBC? At least in 1898, it was only available in 5 x 10? Maybe later on they offered smaller? Or given (lack of) moldings and size, maybe it is some other make or model...
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    Whats it cost to restore a brunswick like this?

    What do you mean by "restore"? Do you want a new looking table where the rebuilder takes cost efficient methods to make it a little better in some details than it left the factory, & coated with modern finishes? Or do you mean actually "restore" = to condition it left the factory; but with...
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    Low deflection ferrule material for Carbon shafts.

    It is interesting how defensive some experts get when they are asked technical questions that they don't know how to determine the answer to. Sure, it might well not be a necessary part of their bag of tricks and expertise to actually make a cue. We all have various means in many fields to...
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    Want-to-see Current/Modern Fancy Sneakies

    OK, apparently a sneaky can be a lot of things since the term originally caught on. But not a wrap. No way. :) smt IMNSHO a sneaky can have subtle embellishment, must be FS but no veneers, and overall should be (at least if you squint with dark shades on) mistakable for a plain FS bar cue by...
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    Shop Size?

    If you are serious about cues and wood, it will be necessary to arrange the wood storage and the hanging area to be year round climate controlled AFA humidity. Insulation and weather seal are important whether you live (maybe especially if you live) in a warm climate with humidity or not. If...
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    9/32" gun drill

    I've gotten a lot of info from reading Joey and Coos's posts and replies over the years. Never found them to be other than polite and helpful, though neither one will spoon feed you (which is appropriate). FWIW, my understanding is that Joey's cue business is a side gig, too? The reason i...
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    9/32" gun drill

    What does this part mean? That it has to already be modified to accept a certain specific air fitting? Or can you use any typical gun drill, and figure out your own method to connect air to it?
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    Cutting a butterfly splice

    you've got a great design sense, which is really the key element. There are many people who can do flawless craft. Many fewer who can routinely come up with elegant design. Practice, + maybe a few better machines, and you will have it all.