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    A couple of flamethrowers...Jill Hawk 2 x 5's

    Gorgeous. I think I can smell the leather through the pictures
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    Lets see some jim pierce cues

    Here is an elegant Titlist colored 4 pointer
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    Cases I've been making over the last year or so.

    Oh wow, didn't realize you were making cases again. They are fantastic. Maybe some day we will do the Dragon case we discussed.
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    Han's Delta Pool Table?

    Thanks! Looks quite good for a knockoff.
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    Han's Delta Pool Table?

    Saw an ad for a pool table that looks basically identical to a Gold Crown 5. Is it just a good knockoff or is it a rebranded Brunswick?
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    Value of a 2000 Ebony Judd JT-1

    Yeah that is what they seem to sell for but wrapless you might be able to get $1,000 for it. Great cuemaker.
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    What order to shoot the stripes with ball in hand?

    My first thought looking at this rack is that the 11 to 13 transition is just nasty. If this was a league and my opponent was a 6 or even 7 and he started with the 15 which seems like the obvious "by the book" starter, I would expect them to screw up that transition more than half of the time...
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    APA/Fargo cut off?

    I think the slightly bigger problem than a 740 winning, is that they also lump the 8s into the same bracket. 8s should play in their own bracket. A 500 Fargo 8 has no real chance against a 650+ player with only a 10 point spot
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    Bethlehem Olivewood & Kingwood Schmelke cue

    Did they have the wood or did you buy it and just have them make it?
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    Why Do So Many Bar Room Recreational 8-Ball Players Cling to the Nonsense Outdated Rules?

    I think there are two reasons. One, they think that the rules somehow make the game more fair and second games take longer so they get more time/quarter. Some of the bars that lean more pool than bar here in San Diego have started using BCA rules but its rare
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    Is there video anywhere where someone break and run 15-balls in bank pool?

    Even when I was a solidly decent Fargo 650 ish player I would have struggled to make 3 banks in a row. I just did not see them at all. Banking 15 is just mystifying to me. There are APA 4s that bank better than me, though I am now after 20 years off like a 500 in Fargo and completely suck
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    Jill Hawk cue cases!!

    Haha no rush at all.
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    Jill Hawk cue cases!!

    Wow lovely cases. They are working on a case for me that may never really ever been done before the way they are doing it. Should be amazing. Think it is due in like August and I will post pics.
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    Gus Szamboti

    True story though I do not really know the exact details. My father knew Balabushka and did something for him and was offered a FREE cue from George. My dad took a beer instead cause he didn't play pool. He casually mentioned that when we were watching the Color of Money. Blew my mind.
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    Mr. Lingelbach your cue is finished...

    Sure. I would be in no rush, in fact would probably be looking at 2 years minimum for delivery. I could possibly send a deposit for just the wood if that is necessary. Just got one of your sons cues from Davor. I quite like it.
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    Mr. Lingelbach your cue is finished...

    Well if you are taking orders again I might be interested in a cue using it
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    Mr. Lingelbach your cue is finished...

    What is that wood? Do you have more of it?
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    Mr. Lingelbach your cue is finished...

    Blue seems to work really well in cues but you don't see it all that often. Still I think this cue is brilliant as it is.
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    Mr. Lingelbach your cue is finished...

    Very lovely cue.