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  1. DynoDan

    Nick Varner

    A real sweetheart. Met him in the early 90s, and he was gracious when I abruptly left our conversation to go talk to Eddie Taylor. I once made it a point to play on the same Purdue student union tables he practiced on, since I remembered watching him on the (Wide World of Sports?) early 60s...
  2. DynoDan

    Small pockets ruining the game

    If the pockets get REALLY tiny, they will have to equip the tables with some kind of audio reward (like pinball machines) when you finally get a ball to go in, in order to maintain interest (my very early Diamond Pro with metal ball return rails already does that😁).
  3. DynoDan

    Anyone using Simones Green cloth?

    Pool cloth is green, the 5 ball is orange, baseballs are white, footballs & basketballs are brown, stop signs are red, etc., etc. Change is confusing. Im sure the technology exists to better improve video visualization without discarding traditions.
  4. DynoDan

    Diamonds clearly bank shorter than most other if not all tables…so, why?

    I agree. The tournament tables at Va. Beach with fresh 860 played/banked perfectly.
  5. DynoDan

    Diamonds clearly bank shorter than most other if not all tables…so, why?

    Same here. Early 90s Diamond Pro with fresh Artemis & 760. Short angle/firm hit is accurate. Wide angle goes WAY long (corner-to-corner 3 cushion bank impossible). The old GCs I play out on are typically geometrically accurate regardless of angle. Go figure. The original cushions banked much...
  6. DynoDan

    How do you dress or appear at a pool hall?

    These days, I always arrive in sport shirt, slacks, & clean running shoes (color coordinated). Only one though, as EVERYONE else there dresses like homeless bums. I guess, the older/uglier I get, the more I try to compensate with better clothes 😁.
  7. DynoDan

    Right english results on the oldest pool drill

    OP was looking to cure hitting too far right (had the same problem). I cured by hitting farther left (DUH!) More interest in cause than solution? I just assumed my aiming point drift was due to myriad physiological changes (aging), too complex to bother analyzing.
  8. DynoDan

    Right english results on the oldest pool drill

    Am I missing something? No one has mentioned the obvious/easiest solution (intentionally applying just a bit of left english on straight-in shots).
  9. DynoDan

    Advice on how to stay down on the shot more consistently?

    I once considered constructing a lightweight/rolling frame with overhanging nails pointing down, that I might pull in behind me as I got down to shoot. Likely the surest solution though, would be to hire someone big and nasty to stand behind you with a ball peen hammer (instructed to use it if...
  10. DynoDan

    Efren reyes

    I have to wonder what effect growing up/learning to play in such a humid climate might have? Many outdoor tables there, I understand (?) Likely not all under shade, either. Adapting to extreme/changing conditions may be good training for multiple disciplines.
  11. DynoDan

    Lucky Flip/Marker Coin?

    I have a pair of ‘double-sided’ quarters (just for laughs), but don’t dare carry/display them. If a person was unethical, he could carry the double-‘tails‘ one, and always let his opponent make the call (statistics reveal majority will call ‘heads’)😁
  12. DynoDan

    Pagulayan brand chalk - TAOM formula

    I’ve adjusted to the round shape. Chasing a cube that occasionally gets away seems worth the V-10’s more even wear factor. BUT, I have noticed it doesn’t seem to last as long as the blue Taom (?). Same with the square version? Square or round, it still requires your attention to set/place...
  13. DynoDan

    Jayson Shaw another huge high run of 560

    AND luck! When you forcefully burst into a pack of 14 balls without sending the CB intentionally downtable, you risk ending up near-frozen to an OB in such position that offers absolutely NO possible shot (nothing near or open to a pocket to kick at, nothing dead-on for a combo, carom or bank...
  14. DynoDan

    In bar table eight ball, do you deliberately miss shots?

    It occurred to me that the reason bar rules are traditionally “your best effort to pocket a ball” (no safeties), is likely because every kid that first learned which end of the cue stick was which, started naturally with the simplest games, which originally were also ’slop’ games. If you shot...
  15. DynoDan

    Diamond Table Wait Time

    I added facings to my early Diamond Pro (originally ordered with the GC pocket-size). Didn’t make a lot of difference with the corners, but it DID cut my side pocketing success by way more than half. BTW: If you do choose that option, just be sure the installer has the side facings lined up...
  16. DynoDan

    In bar table eight ball, do you deliberately miss shots?

    Depends on where the bar table is. Reminds me of a scene from the ‘Hustler’ movie, where Paul Newman is trying to hide his true speed: If you shoot hard enough into a corner pocket from near the rail, the OB will usually ‘bobble’. Likely not the type of ‘intentional miss’ that typical...
  17. DynoDan

    Unique situation

    I notice you reported that Thorsten only verified the positional occurrences, not that he didn’t eventually elect to play safe instead 😁. I’d be surprised that anyone could accurately predict the EXTENDED path of even the corner ball in a non-template rack from as far away as the headstring...
  18. DynoDan

    Unique situation

    ? Please clarify (I assume you mean the break-ball was nearly frozen to the corner ball, but then that would likely interfere with racking).
  19. DynoDan

    For the Taom Chalk Users

    You were a day early (April fool).
  20. DynoDan

    Heading to Louisville...

    Used to be….a large victorian (with dozens of tiny bedrooms😁).