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    Mr. Davis your cue is finished...

    Mr. Davis your cue is a work of art.
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    New Pool Player Observations.

    Hi Craig, you sound like a blast to play with and teach. Hopefully you'll find someone to show you the ropes. I'm in Atlanta so it won't be me, but I appreciate the attitude it goes a long way.
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    What would it cost to hire a (semi) pro?

    I have no idea what you actually want to do, but you could reach out to Steve Chapin at celeris who develops the virtual pool series and was a semi-professional player with a lot of contacts.
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    WWYD 9 Ball Mar 31

    I think that's the right idea. Things could get funny off the combo, but if the balls are close together and the 1 is in the pocket you have a lot of opportunity to manipulate whitey. Depending on how they lay the 2 rail position shown might be easier. If you come short you are likely to have an...
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    What the pros do differently ...

    Not as well as pros do. Better execution is only part of it. For one, there is significant mental grit required to get yourself to execute the best shot (nearly) every time. For another, there is a much deeper understanding of what the right shot is at any given moment. The differences might be...
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    What the pros do differently ...

    Pros play the odds and choose what they feel they can best execute that gives them the best opportunity.
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    Should All Skill Levels Have an Equal Chance to Win a Weekly 9-Ball Handicapped Tournament?

    Make the spots too big and you'll alienate the better players readily even if they are still winning mostly. 9 ball is just a poor game for this when the skill difference is big because the weaker player generally only wins when they fluke 9s and such.
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    Shaft Hole Depth Creates Void Question.

    Have you ever noticed that it's always the hole that's too long and never the pin that's too short? 😄
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    Jesse your cue is finished....

    I keep thinking your work can't really get much cleaner but here you go again. Those box miters are exquisite.
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    SJM Final Thoughts on the 2023 US Open

    There will always be losers and losers will always find something other than themselves to complain about. Been there plenty myself. I don't think it matters much. The best players are the best players regardless of equipment. MR should listen and do what they want to keep the players engaged.
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    Craziest rack in a while...what would you do?

    The good news about this is that it is very tough for your opponent to break out the 3-8 successfully and secure a runout from any position. So I would try to make things messy for my opponent until you had the opportunity to kick out the 3 without selling out a shot or easy safe. A smart...
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    Hoppe style cue, but something else

    brazillian rosewood?
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    Pros today vs the pros yesterday

    Objectively speaking, though, this is true (independent of equipment) in many cases. A lot of time this is due to innovation in approach or psychological barriers being crossed. Efren's kicking game is a prime example in pool how pros learned that their games were incomplete. Increased...
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    Ash cue shaft

    Probably more to do with what species were commonly commercially available when hard maple became standard for shafts than anything related to superiority over ash. Maple does have a better texture so does have an objective positive. I'd say everything else is either subjective (e.g. color...
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    Vintage Viking Pool Cue " Need Help Identifying"

    Good picture except for the invisible inlays 😁
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    Carbon fiber on an original Balabushka

    You have to actually modify the car to do that though.
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    Grady's Rules for nine ball

    And also shots or speeds which may make things unfavorable for the opponent if you miss. A pure safety is illegal, but there's nothing wrong with picking a 2-way shot even if it isn't your absolute best chance to score.
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    Grady's Rules for nine ball

    No secret that players want control over everything they possibly can. As a viewer I don't like it because it slows things down to consider taking/passing shots on misses, leads to more calculated and likely conservative play, and likely confuses the less educated audience (let's face it, pool...
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    which favors the higher-rated player, winner break or alt. break?

    You could use my simulations to get a feel of this. It doesn't use Fargo rates, but you can vary the odds that player A and player B win a rack, and lower their chances of break & win rack to reflect tougher equipment. If I do this, keeping the gap between players constant, here are the things...
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    which favors the higher-rated player, winner break or alt. break?

    Looking at individual game results is good and will be a more accurate than match wins alone assuming your model is good. Having the break is an advantage to winning the rack. Alternate break formats will result in the weaker player having more chances to break than winner break. Thus, the best...