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    BCAPL New Area

    I was reading the thread about the USAPL and it made me look up availability of leagues in my area. While they don't have any it appears that the BCAPL is now offering leagues in the Scranton Wilkes-barre area. That is Awesome. Up until today I thought all we had available in this area was APA...
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    Scranton 7 ft Diamond tables

    Scott Please stay on the topic or start a new thread if you see a need to. The post you reference was already pointed out to be off the original topic and corrected.
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    Scranton 7 ft Diamond tables

    Your right Tony i was going astray. I started calling locals earlier no luck yet. Ony found some 9 ft tables at two local area halls.
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    Scranton 7 ft Diamond tables

    The private club and the league operators are great leads. I do not see the 7 ft Diamond Pro-Am or Smart tables as being Professional level tables. In fact many people on here seem to think pros should only play on 9 ft or larger tables. I do see them as being a lot higher quality and price...
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    Scranton 7 ft Diamond tables

    I know I live in scranton and own a 7 ft Pro-am. I have a dilemma though I do not drink alcohol and am not in a bar league so I have very little reason to go to bars. I was wondering if there are any public places like a bar that have 7 ft Diamond tables in this area? I hear there are some down...
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    smoking or no smoking

    I prefer non smoking as I have had bad experience when smoking was allowed. The smoke was so thick in the room I actually left because I was having trouble breathing.That was also the last time I went to a pool hall when it was packed with teenagers and young adults.
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    Table time pricing

    I have also wondered often about how pool hall pricing works. It seems to me that table time should have nothing to do with the number of players at a particular table. If a person is renting a table for a set amount per hour and someone else joins them they should be able to share their table...
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    Pool almost dead?

    Was just thinking about the state of pool especially after reading a few of the recent postings.So here is the questions I have. What are sponsors actually doing for the players it sponsors? For example if a player is sponsored by Diamond Billiards what do they get out of it other than a patch...
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    The Rocket Video

    Just a thought you might want to Change your membership level to GOLD so people don't say your Advertising and delete your posts or worse. I have seen it happen previously to a man who simply mentioned he worked at JOY and could answer questions about Chinese Eight Ball.
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    Disappearing threads

    nevermind I found it
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    Disappearing threads

    Early this morning I replied to a thread that had to do with a new projection learning tool. Now I can not seem to find it. Was this thread deleted by Admins along with all the replies? If it has not been deleted can someone please five me a link to it. I would like to know the answers to the...
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    Billiards training aid

    I really like the idea and think it is a great product. I do have a few questions though. I went through the website and noticed a few things that seem overlooked. If the product your selling is a micro computer as you stated then it is very susceptible to becoming obsolete as technology...
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    Precision Potting manual - Free of Charge

    I will assure anyone on here this is free. He did not in his original post state how it would be delivered. It took me a couple days to receive it in my email. Soon as I did I printed it out and read several pages when I got home. The author is very specific and detailed with a technical style...
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    Precision Potting manual - Free of Charge

    Hello I have received a FREE digital copy of Precision Potting. While it is only 28 pages long for a book it seems short. The content of the book is extremely detailed. You can tell there was a lot of time and effort put into creating this material. It is pretty technical and while it may help...
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    aiming systems and Digicue

    Thank you John. I originally asked the question because I was planning on purchasing both ( the digicue and, the pro one discs) in the near future. I have been watching a lot of videos on the subject of aiming systems and may have gotten confused with a different aiming system. I do remember...
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    Can anyone enlighten me about Diamond's retail business model and pricing?

    I did not say directly if they were worse or better just they are different. The 9 ft Pro-am has Artemis cushions that are 100 percent gum rubber and carry a 35 year warranty. The 7 ft pro-a, has diamond black cushions that are extruded rubber and have a 7 year warranty. The Black diamonds will...
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    Help me understand about 7 foot tables

    Hmm so you want flack? I will work down your list. Number 1 if it is inferior it is lower in rank status or quality. So you say it makes the game less difficult. If it is less difficult then I guess you see that as a lower quality. That would make sense except for the fact that your saying it...
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    Help me understand about 7 foot tables

    I am no expert. However, years ago when pool seemed to be popular it was played on basically nine and ten foot tables. People would go to the local bowling alley or pool hall and there would be room for several large tables. Also tables started to show up in bars. When the table showed up in the...
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    Can Diamond Rails-Cushions be Installed Wrong?

    Ok I have just checked on my table and if I hit the ball from the corner pocket at the diamond just past the side pocket ( I refer to that diamond as the 5th diamond ) it will go three rails into the corner pocket opposite the starting pocket. Every table can play different though as stated...
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    Can Diamond Rails-Cushions be Installed Wrong?

    The above quote is actually false information. The OP stated it was a Bar table. I may be wrong but to me that indicated it was a 7 ft table. I own a 7 ft Diamond Pro-Am and was actually very upset when I was informed that they only put the Artemis cushions on the 9 Ft tables. The 7 and 8ft...