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  1. dardusm

    'World Nine-ball Tour'............Matchroom announcement

    Meh.....Matchroom is the elephant in the room and the WPA is trying remain relevant. 9-ball will be the brand for pro pool going forward. He who has the gold makes the rules.
  2. dardusm

    Benefits of joining an APA league?

    I understand the frustration. Personally, one of the biggest rooms in our area is still not only open but thrives because of leagues. The majority are APA. There are much better uses of time for an aspiring player to get better than playing in the APA. The APA isn't geared towards the serious...
  3. dardusm

    Benefits of joining an APA league?

    Getting your buddy or housewife in a league creates money for the industry. It also can create fans of the sport. Which in turn creates numbers for the product "professional pool" which can be sold to other sponsorships outside the industry. I'm not an APA fanboy but they are doing some things...
  4. dardusm

    Benefits of joining an APA league?

    APA isn't for everyone but it does have a place. Not sure that I agree that it is the downfall of real pool. It brings in new blood to our sport and the new players spend money on cues, cases, business in rooms, etc. etc. In which those products the "league" player buys helps sponsor some pro...
  5. dardusm

    Anyone Have Success Using a Wrist Brace?

    Maybe on shots that a require a little extra "umph" but as a practice tool it might have value to someone that twists their wrist. I still think you can twist your wrist in the device unless you have it so tight that you can't even move it. It reminds me of players that listen to music when...
  6. dardusm

    Anyone Have Success Using a Wrist Brace?

    It can restrict the use of the wrist during the stroking motion. To get extreme draw, snapping the wrist through the shot helps vs just using a static vertical wrist action (if that makes sense?). I guess you could get used to it and adjust over time.
  7. dardusm

    Anyone Have Success Using a Wrist Brace?

    I agree it can be a useful tool but to wear it all the time could lead to control issues.
  8. dardusm

    Anyone Have Success Using a Wrist Brace?

    I owned one of those devices years ago. I believe it was called the "Sure Shot". The problem with it was that you could still twist your wrist when wearing it. I sold it to someone I was working with that had the twisting issue. He seemed to like it and it did help him. My only issue with...
  9. dardusm

    Playing up against better players-advice please

    A couple of thoughts, in the "ole" days we called it paying your dues. Not sure if this term is used much today with everything handicapped. When I was learning to play I would get a spot, the "7" from one of the best players in my area for a dollar a game. He was a typical pool player. Flush or...
  10. dardusm

    Bar table specialists

    Yep Dave still plays in the occasional tournament and is very competitive. Every once in awhile you will see him catch a gear and it was like 25 years ago. Watching him play and playing against him is always a treat.
  11. dardusm

    Styer vs Geromino

    I'm doubting the players are putting up their own money but I was inferring that the players might have been put in the box by poker money. Players rarely playing large money sets have all or any of their money on the line. What's on the line is their reputation. Been that way ever since I've...
  12. dardusm

    Styer vs Geromino

    Never know, one thing about Griff's is there is a lot of poker money floating around.
  13. dardusm

    Ensuring that 2 players don't split a big purse:

    Definitely get what you are saying. In my area, most rooms have few 9 footers and most tournaments are played on coin ops. If there is added money then the TD/Room Owners are trying to recoup some/most of it through quarters. Double Elimination adds more matches which means more money for the...
  14. dardusm

    Interesting listing on Ebay

    I enjoy reading the old magazine articles of tournaments. Looks like that the men's division might have had Jim McDermott owner of Magoo's/Tulsa Billiard Palace for years. Not sure of the age though if it's him as he might be a bit older.
  15. dardusm

    Newbie and nerves

    I like it because it gives practical advice such as taking a deep breath when your nerves are an issue which I'll see great players do occasionally. Some of the psych stuff can seem impractical or hard to understand. I bought it a few years back and it died when my old computer crashed and just...
  16. dardusm

    APA Double Hit Rule

    I had the chance to referee at the national level one year and they had us at the captains meeting, that we will explain the double hit rule to the player. The thought is that lower level players don't understand the rule very well and many good players don't really. I have also refereed several...
  17. dardusm

    Newbie and nerves

    I'll add a couple of things if they weren't addressed in earlier replies. First, develop a rock solid pre shot routine. The psr is everything you do till you actually hit the cue ball. Eye patterns, practice strokes, visualization, alignment, etc., etc., should be uniform and developed so that...
  18. dardusm

    Did I make a bad call as Tournament Director?

    Technically Vic is at fault by swiping the balls before there is a consensus on the winner. It should have been easy for the two players to figure it out because the 8 ball was still on the table unless Bob wasn't paying attention until balls were brought back up. I think your ruling was ok...
  19. dardusm

    Pool Movies--let's get some ratings

    Pretty cool never seen that one before. The player from Texas was legit. After watching the clip, I did a search and found out that the player from Texas was a professional named James "Youngblood" Brown. Small world here is a little more info from a past thread...
  20. dardusm

    TV show Vegas

    Pretty cool seeing old Vegas plus the pool scene was Fatastic!