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  1. Vahmurka

    Fedor Gorst

    Lemme suggest you consider this option: he approaches the event promoter and the latter grants him a permission to do so on his own matches - in case they are not on streaming schedule. It is that easy, isn't it?
  2. Vahmurka

    Fedors butt wrap material

    Curious minds could find his training session with Q&A part in ghe end (his yt channel). I recall something he was saying he tried this wrap once and did not plan to continue?
  3. Vahmurka

    Dr. Dave's first YouTube Short

    I sure will, and provide you more feedback. So far, I suggest you do the following. Scroll YouTube home page down to recommended (which usually equals to most watched or trending) Shorts clips. Pick some with millions of views, and see how long they are. I think some kind of average in seconds...
  4. Vahmurka

    Dr. Dave's first YouTube Short

    Dave, I don't watch too many YT Shorts. but of those that got me curious enough, they are really short clips. I would say yours, which fit just under a minute, are very long compared to those. To me, the idea behind Shorts is pure entertainment, and hardly any kind of education. I suggest that...
  5. Vahmurka

    Thorsten Hohmann - Cue Lab Shot Diagram iOS APP

    There is an app in the works, I happen to know the crew behind it, and the functionality is unbelievable. It is based on computer vision and AI. The tests showed it can even track which ball was hit first on "split" hits, or whether the cue ball hit the cushion before the object ball or vice...
  6. Vahmurka

    Experiments in looking at the cueball while delivering the stroke.

    The above is a post by Chris Henry, a snooker coach who's been working with some of the elite players (like world champions Shaun Murphy, Mark Selby, like Ali Carter, etc. - I counted about 20 main tour players on his list). Chris has helped those top pros fix some issues that arouse in their...
  7. Vahmurka

    Allison Fisher joins Fedor, becomes AMERICAN

    Based only on what she posted, I'm certain if (only if) WPA and/or EPBF did not grant their permission, she'd still play under Union Jack at the events. Changing sports representation is common for about 20 years already, but every sporting federation has its own regulations for those. If some...
  8. Vahmurka

    Allison Fisher joins Fedor, becomes AMERICAN

    If we watch around social media, most likes go to completely sh!te videos/posts/etc. Nowadays 'likes' must be the worst measuring instrument ;) [added] You know, if we look at a pile of smth with thousands of flies flocking over it, I'd prefer to pass :LOL:
  9. Vahmurka

    Just a passing comment about cue making vids on Youtube.

    I'm yet to watch this, but this is one of the latest, only 3 weeks in. And already hit millions of views. Therefore, must be worth watching, I guess
  10. Vahmurka

    Stay away from DAZN

    Good advice. Now try to email this to Matchroom Pool :p :cautious:
  11. Vahmurka

    Just a passing comment about cue making vids on Youtube.

    YouTube --> Search --> "cue building/ cue making". Gets you plenty of results, mostly Asian cuemakers of various trade. Studiotronics is the name of yt channel. (No offense, but asking for direct video links reminds me of a good old 'Let Me Google This For You')
  12. Vahmurka

    Allison Fisher joins Fedor, becomes AMERICAN

    I was certain someone would call this out ;) I couldn't care less, just it is crazy how people are running ahead of things. @rexus31 same towards your witty point. I don't have a dog in this race, so please don't even dare to start :) @trob internet warriors, modern era. Your imagination is...
  13. Vahmurka

    Allison Fisher joins Fedor, becomes AMERICAN

    The title is wrong. Total misconception. Look at how many years it took Allison to be eligible to represent the US of A. And how many governing bodies got to be involved. Gorst might be looking to play for the USA in future, but thus far he could only hoist these banners at WNT events (because...
  14. Vahmurka

    Pagulayan brand chalk - TAOM formula

    did not intend to provide any - this thread is created with the hope that those who started to discuss the novelty of pool & biliards market in TAOM thread, that they move here. So we get things kind of relevant and easy to find as time passes.
  15. Vahmurka

    Pagulayan brand chalk - TAOM formula

    Here's a thread for new chalk introduced by Alex The Lion. Made in Finland by TAOM, most probably. Let's go! (added an image provided by RickLafayette in other thread)
  16. Vahmurka

    Jayson Shaw First Contracted Pro on WNT

    Seeing new names added to the bandwagon, I'd suggest we have a post to edit as more players are added, hopefully pinned at page 1. But I'm sure Matchroom are going to show off with such a list sooner rather than later, as the season starts. So no need to bother :)
  17. Vahmurka

    STROKE TIMING … A Complete MythBusting Study of Stroke Acceleration Effects

    Kind of sad to see complete off-topic discussions (which ball last). Could we cut it already and move to a relevant thread guys?
  18. Vahmurka

    How do you apply sidespin?

    As much as I love seeing an ancient thread brought to sunlight by an occasional new AZB member - for Lord's sake I'm begging the mods to lock comments for this one :ROFLMAO: We don't need just another can of worms be opened.
  19. Vahmurka

    Happy New Year!!!

    Who wouldda thought? Un-bee-liebable! 😅 What a novelty by Aramith - the 5 is orange! Another Happy New Year, everyone, Happy New Year, Eric! Hope you are enjoying your return to the game (sort of), i.e. it still goes on. Now, when even the ugly Black set has got proper 5 and 13 ball colors...
  20. Vahmurka

    Mika Immonen not doing well

    I don't remember where I've seen that info, maybe fleecebunk (using Bob Jewett's word), where Mika posted that his friend offers The Iceman jersey line. All revenues to be directed to Mika to help him cover med bills. Mentioning this just for the reference one could not only send funds via...