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  1. TannerPruess

    I picked up some hardware in Vegas!

    What a line up of top amateur players to get through! Nice work champ!
  2. TannerPruess

    Northern Colorado Instructors?

    Samm Diep would be great to work with!
  3. TannerPruess

    Final Stroke Analysis

    Let’s zoom in on your routine – specifically your final stroke. What exactly should be happening during the final stroke? Where should my eye be focused? What things should I implement to better improve consistency? Everyone has a final stroke as they pause at the cue ball then transition to...
  4. TannerPruess

    Carbon Jump Cues

    Just got my hands on Keith Hanssen's version of a full carbon jump cue. Love the efficiency and accuracy of these. Might have to make a free video on jump shots since I feel pretty comfortable with them after years of poor position play! :ROFLMAO: Any questions when it comes to jump shots?
  5. TannerPruess

    Bank Bending

    Got my lesson from @cleary! ;)
  6. TannerPruess

    PBIA Instructor of the Year nominations open for 2023

    Humility is the trait of someone that should be nominated! I have appreciated all your contributions to the game and PBIA! (y)
  7. TannerPruess

    DigiBall accuracy

    Awesome, this will be cool to pair with instructional videos for position play. Can't wait! Would love to help test it out if you need feedback.
  8. TannerPruess

    Slow Backswing - Fast Speed

    Thanks, that is part of my AlignRight process and is paired with an aiming system. It has treated me quite well in competition!
  9. TannerPruess

    Slow Backswing - Fast Speed

    Fully agree. Need something smooth and not forced or unnatural.
  10. TannerPruess

    Slow Backswing - Fast Speed

    Been working on improving my pool instruction content and recording material for my online pool lessons. One common theme that I see among players is they miss the importance of a slow backswing - especially on hitting a firm shot. Here is an example of me following my routine while exhibiting a...
  11. TannerPruess

    I'm Back!

    Glad to be back active. I was lurking for a long while and always made sure to stop by your threads. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with others and on the forum!
  12. TannerPruess

    I'm Back!

    Keith Hanssen Kue from Sioux Falls, SD Ebony/Amboyna Burl Wrapless 8pt
  13. TannerPruess

    I'm Back!

    Sure am, doubt I can ever put that cue down!
  14. TannerPruess

    I'm Back!

    Sounds great Randy, looking forward to connecting!
  15. TannerPruess

    How can you fix the sidearm stroke?

    After a stance adjustment, I would the player then line up object balls 1 diamond from the short rail then get into his new stance and shoot these object balls (with his routine) one handed with the shaft resting on the rail. That would nearly 'force' his arm to be completely vertical and the...
  16. TannerPruess

    I'm Back!

    A member from decades past and happy to be active more moving forward! Grew up in South Dakota and got to travel with TAR to a few events.
  17. TannerPruess

    I'm Back!

    Thanks everyone! Yes, I ran around to some events with Chad Pollman and TAR. What a blast and great experience that was!
  18. TannerPruess

    I'm Back!

    Excited to be back and more active on AzB (my v-cash hasn't grown with inflation)! This place has given me a lot of insight and opportunities when I was young. Now I am excited to give back and participate more as an instructor. What's New? Previously amateur tournaments were a big focus...
  19. TannerPruess


    I just think 'What would easy-e do?' Then make it!
  20. TannerPruess


    Any dummy indeed! -