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  1. Terry Ardeno

    2015 Derby City Banks - Shannon Daulton

    Great post Fred! Congratulations to Shannon, one of the greatest all-around players we have in America! And John Brumback will always be a force to be reckoned with! He'll be back strong!
  2. Terry Ardeno

    14.1 challenge John Schmidt concedes to Shaw disgrace

    That's a great post Lenny. I agree with your assessments. John was, is and always will be a super friendly guy and a great all-around player. He's said some of the most comical and greatest one liners about pool players that I've ever heard. Along with Shannon Daulton, one of my favorite...
  3. Terry Ardeno

    2015 DCC 9-ball Update

    I agree with you about Alex being a gifted commentator. It would have been great to have him and Grady do a match together. Night and day styles but both great guys to listen to. I can't imagine the banter! Good luck to Alex on the tournament trail also.
  4. Terry Ardeno

    Thoughts & Prayers for Mark Griffin

    Praying for a total recovery and many more years of quality life. God bless you Mark!
  5. Terry Ardeno

    Player Study's

    These are nice. Thank you!
  6. Terry Ardeno

    More Pool Wars

    Me too and I'm pretty excited for this sequel! Thank you Jay!
  7. Terry Ardeno

    Billy Incardona - Short Rant

    That was awesome! Funniest post in this whole thread! Railbirds, bantering away, changing pooldom.....:D If only it were so.
  8. Terry Ardeno

    Billy Incardona - Short Rant

    Lou, I believe there's a huge difference between discussing professionalism in the booth and being hyper-critical of things that harmed no one. And those choice words and phrases in my post were my weak attempt at levity. Are any of our respective opinions really "sin"s, as you implied? Nope...
  9. Terry Ardeno

    Billy Incardona - Short Rant

    Hang wringing??? Really? That's not how I see it Lou. Regardless if it had been Billy or not, the point is that unless someone is functioning at 100%, they get criticized. Someone works at 99% and people will be finger pointing and yacking about it on a forum. I'd bet everything I own that...
  10. Terry Ardeno

    Billy Incardona - Short Rant

    I read the 1st post in this thread and then skipped over to here without reading any of the replies. Bill Incardona is, in my estimation, the greatest living commentator in pool. How can a body of work the size of the Atlantic Ocean be judged by a dixie cup of water??? He's been tremendous...
  11. Terry Ardeno

    Leonardo Andam- R.I.P

    The Anito Kid has posted on FB that Leonardo Andam has died. Here's what he wrote..... "Our condolences to the family of Filipino pool player Leonardo "Dodong" Andam. A member of the Filipino Invasion, the Rattlesnake, aka Dodong Dadiangas, succumbed to a heart attack last night. RIP champ!"...
  12. Terry Ardeno

    Upstate AL's SBE Brackets

    I agree 1,000%! Great summary and well stated!
  13. Terry Ardeno

    Can I buy this TAR DVD anywhere?

    Thanks Justin. I'll be ordering one also! Thanks again for all you do for pool!
  14. Terry Ardeno

    WPB World 9 ball

    Thank you Harold! Jung-Lin Chang has a great chance of winning his 1st World 9 Ball Championship. I'm kinda sorry that he has to play one of my very favorite players, Oliver Ortmann. One of these two will be gone...... Fong Pang Chao is in that group of my all-time favorite players. I think...
  15. Terry Ardeno

    Tidbits from the World 14.1

    Thank you, SJM, for all your updates. Very much appreciated.
  16. Terry Ardeno

    Gene nagy

    Very good post. The ONE thing I respect about CW is exactly what you said.....he's done so much for getting 14.1 off of life support. My early memories of pool were following Lassiter, Balsis, Crane, Martin, Mizerak, Hopkins, Varner, Lisciotti and Sigel in their 14.1 matches. To this day, I...
  17. Terry Ardeno

    Hi there!

    I bought my last Brunswick 9ft there. I've shopped there for about as long as it was open. I hadn't seen George or Auggie in a while. I hope they're doing great because they certainly were great to me over the years. All my best to you and the continued success of your stores.
  18. Terry Ardeno

    Nicely said. There's 2-3 fellas over at that have hissy-fits and talk like dunk 7th graders. Most all of the others are just like the majority of posters here. Good guys (girls too!) One thing strong they have at is Billy Incardona does a lot of posting there. He's like some kind...
  19. Terry Ardeno

    A champion and a friend has passed

    Sorry for your loss Bill. Here's another article on Bernie from 2002. Don't know if you've ever seen it or not.
  20. Terry Ardeno

    Make It Happen

    Bump Always rooting for Shannon Daulton.