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  1. easy-e

    Is Hennessey considered top ( ) gambling?

    Top 100 Fargo is 785ish. So he's close.
  2. easy-e

    Nick Varner

    Exactly. Similar to straight pool not being common during SVB's time. Not really fair to compare.
  3. easy-e

    Pool Halls, Reno, NV

    I went to High School in North Tahoe in the late 90's. Every week I'd head to Reno to play the USPPA tournaments at Keystone Cue and Cushion. Every 6 months I'd play the Reno Open at the Sands. Great time every time! The Hilton had the driving range in the parking lot where you'd hit the...
  4. easy-e

    Nick Varner

    Has Varner proven himself at 10-ball?
  5. easy-e

    Pool Halls, Reno, NV

    I used to go there all the time before it was GSR. Wasn't it a Hilton?
  6. easy-e

    Pia Filler Makes History as First (and only) Female Pro on WNT

    I disagree. I'm getting awfully tired of seeing the same guys play against each other all the time. I'd always prefer to watch a match with the 700-750 speed players, especially if they were playing a champion. I couldn't get into that PLP they had, but that Louisiana shootout was awesome to...
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    Bay Area pool scene

    Great news! Thanks, Bob. Now if you can find me a place to stay for under $2,500/mo I'll be all set.
  8. easy-e

    Bay Area pool scene

    God chance I'll be heading to Sunnyvale, CA for the summer. I've checked out google, but y'all have better info than they do. Anywhere in or around Sunnyvale with good equipment, tournaments, etc? Probably head to Hard Times for some big weekend tournaments if they have them. Any info is...
  9. easy-e

    Louisiana Shootout?

    They said they're going to hold several of those tournaments across the country! Hoping one comes to Phoenix.
  10. easy-e

    Deliberate foul query - 8-ball (and brief tournament experience)

    I think the ref shut it down, not the kid. Either way, the kid who lost should be able to sleep at night knowing that he didn't lose because of that call. He had plenty of chances to win and played it poorly.
  11. easy-e

    Deliberate foul query - 8-ball (and brief tournament experience) Go to 2:57:05
  12. easy-e

    Deliberate foul query - 8-ball (and brief tournament experience)

    Did y'all see that kid lose hill/hill in the finals of the Juniors tournament in Louisiana? His last ball was tied up with the 8 ball, so he played his opponent's last ball into a bad position. They called it a "loss of game". He took it pretty hard.
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    Playing today in Phoenix Area. Anyone interested?

    Come on down to the Valley. You can find a game for sure.
  14. easy-e

    Francisco Bustamante stories

    The two sentences I underlined above contradict each other... Were you lousy, or usually in the hot seat?! :D
  15. easy-e

    Another Farorate thread

    I watched your video and I'll offer a little feedback. 1. You look like you'd be fun to hang out with. 2. It takes guts to post videos of yourself playing. Not many people are willing to do that, and when they do, they'll edit out the bad and highlight the good. 3. Maybe it's just the xanny...
  16. easy-e

    Playing today in Phoenix Area. Anyone interested?

    Is that where you're living now? Or just visiting?
  17. easy-e

    New Pool Player Observations.

    Where do you play in the Phoenix area? I see you live close to Main Street. I play there often and you're right about the leagues. It's almost every night! That's great for the room itself since it's always busy, but not great if you want a bar table to yourself at night. Every player in...
  18. easy-e

    Francisco Bustamante stories

    I love all of these old gambling stories where neither player missed a ball for the whole set, ran 8 and 9 racks, etc. I'd like to see the videos, since all of the old accu-stats matches make their games look a little different than their memories do.
  19. easy-e

    Scammer alert

    If anyone wants to see this guy just search his name and lone star billiards. He crushes it on that tour!
  20. easy-e

    Jayson Shaw another huge high run of 560

    I don't think so. It sure feels like the first post was almost designed to get the argument going again. John has also started posting on Facebook about attempting more high runs soon!