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  1. bbhistorian

    Singles / Individuals League Near Annapolis, MD?

    9 foots are few and far between, but the guy you want to follow is Curtis Branker. I think he is @inside_english here. He has ALL the information regionally!
  2. bbhistorian

    Who in here plays all 3 pretty well?

    I bowled ten-pin in the youth leagues from age 5 until I aged out at 18. I was a far better tournament bowler than I ever was tournament pool player. Bowling, I won a semester's worth of scholarship money, close to $15k if I recall correctly. I was inadvertently sand bagging. During weekly...
  3. bbhistorian

    Bring Back Hustling Culture

    I'd argue that's exactly what's being done with streaming challenge matches.
  4. bbhistorian

    Insurance for my Cues

    Why? Genuinely curious as I draft the letters for Black Boar and often note "one of", five, however many. Working on the premise that there is value in unique art and therefore, the rarer the more valuable. I would hope as long as it's coupled with "replacement" value it's acceptable? I'd...
  5. bbhistorian

    The Octopus by Black Boar

    I'm not sure I deserve that much credit, but thank you, you flatter me. I'm blushing 😊 It's not all one-sided. The things I've learned, explored, researched for Tony and/or picked up by osmosis are immeasurable, AND I get to see the pretty cues first! 🤣 I'm genuinely blessed. Come see us soon!
  6. bbhistorian

    Pool’s unique – its pros come in *all* body types. Who were/are the tallest + shortest adult men pros, now or ever?

    Petey taught me position play. It's a different game when you're short. Tall players were constantly disappointed with my position, but playing to the rail so I could reach was 100% Petey's influence.
  7. bbhistorian

    The Octopus by Black Boar

    4 months all told, it was designed in stages. The first inspiration was the octopus and there were countless (100 some odd) variations over about 6 weeks, meanwhile working on the blank. Finally he found something that worked for him, but Tony didn't want to leave the back without a face and the...
  8. bbhistorian

    The Octopus by Black Boar

    No, sir, pretty sure Tony is going to die behind the lathe, but he won't let it be said his quality declined as he aged ;)
  9. bbhistorian

    The Octopus by Black Boar

    Tony has always said his last cues will be his best. So I guess he’s committed to outdoing himself… forever. If they’re only going to get more special, here’s to him living another couple decades This cue was 4 months and dozens and dozens of variations from conception to completion. To say it...
  10. bbhistorian

    Strong opinion: Dress Codes Needed

    If the object is to attract more players and/or clean up the image than I believe it absolutely does matter, because the youth contingent IS watching streams, almost exclusively on anything and everything, and their parental figures (most especially mothers) are not likely to encourage interest...
  11. bbhistorian

    Pool on Primetime

    I'm a bit surprised to not find another reference to this here... if I missed it, many apologies. Congrats to Emily Duddy (whom I don't know personally) on her Bravo TV debut! I think this is cool.... In a Man's World
  12. bbhistorian

    Congradulations - "Kevin West"...

    Agreed... tap, tap, tap! Well done, Kevin West. Camp Black Boar is super proud! Tony beamed with pride when he heard about this well-deserved win! Congratulations, again and again!
  13. bbhistorian

    Just received NEW Black Boar....super elegant

    Gorgeous, Vince! Hope you're well!
  14. bbhistorian

    Pool Music Song of The Day

    I think Maggie May deserves a mention.
  15. bbhistorian

    For sale cues question.

    Just a thought.... wouldn't it stand to reason the bots are also looking for "i##ry" and "eyevory"? If I was a fed, I would be. I've been guilty of spacing (i v o r y), but thought myself silly because if I was a fed, I'd have that iteration programmed into my bot too. "The good stuff" might...
  16. bbhistorian

    FS- African Blackwood Black Boar

    Craig Smith owns the Black Boar website. I compiled and created the content for the site.
  17. bbhistorian

    FS- African Blackwood Black Boar

    Bump For the weekend crowd
  18. bbhistorian

    FS- African Blackwood Black Boar

    For Sale- Flawless Black Boar Spider Cue 1 of 6 in a Spider Series. African Blackwood, crown butt cap, silver and mother of pearl inlays and 2 ferruless shafts. Good for you, sad for me, this cue has almost no mileage on it. It might have been used fourty hours in it's lifetime, at...
  19. bbhistorian

    Stolen league money

    This thread brings back nightmares for me. I used to run a small square football pool at work. Weekly we played $5/square= $500. For the Super Bowl we amped it up to $50/square= $5000. Football season 2013 was the worst, lots of late payers and money dragged from week to week. By the time...
  20. bbhistorian

    WTB- old school case with hinge and handle.

    Hi AZB folks, I am looking for an old school case, the kind that looks like a long skinny breifcase. I have brown one that was my grandfather's, but I'm looking for a black one. 1X1. I have a with a picture of what I'm looking for here...