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  1. rigmaster

    Hi Eric not been on Az in years many are gone hope all is well my friend

    Hi Eric not been on Az in years many are gone hope all is well my friend
  2. rigmaster

    Rare Loaded Murray Tucker

    Man the market sucks this is a great price on a Tucker
  3. rigmaster

    Gus Szamboti

    Barry has his fathers book and can look them up and yes Barry is the man to authenticate or repair his fathers cues shafts tend to be 3.7- 4.0+ but he was a custom maker I have several of his cues as well as his sons cues! This cue looks legit to me
  4. rigmaster

    Rare Danny Tibbitts 12-pointer, snakewood and BEM

    thought Bob bought it?
  5. rigmaster

    Sold FS: Ultra Rare & Fancy Gus Szamboti Ebony On Ebony w/ Ivory Joint

    SWEET CUE, gotta love the pilots don't look like Gus and they aren't any!
  6. rigmaster

    New Ron Thomas 1/2 - Szamboti Inlayed

    Thanks Brian I sent him a message and Troy has one posted $100 less if he still has it?
  7. rigmaster

    New Ron Thomas 1/2 - Szamboti Inlayed

    Do you still have it? I’m interested please pm
  8. rigmaster

    Sold Ron Thomas Szamboti Case

    Please pm best price I am interested!
  9. rigmaster

    Gus Szamboti W/4 Shafts

    That is a beauty and priced fair! MG hasn't a clue! Probably a moochie man and nothing wrong with that but thinking this is a $1200 cue well
  10. rigmaster

    I played Danny Tibbitts Hoppe cue

    That's a beauty! Bob and I have had several deals old school honest guy! None better than Bob
  11. rigmaster

    ⭐️ Tascarella ⭐️

    That's a beauty at a great price and the big pin play great!
  12. rigmaster

    FS...Tim Scruggs cue, older, micarta joint, nice!!!

    So you might trade?
  13. rigmaster

    Tad Joint Protectors

    Nice caps looks like Altons work!
  14. rigmaster

    Ebony gus szamboti

    Gus Man Randy you are selling the holy grail!
  15. rigmaster

    Jack Justis Prolite <<<<WOW>>>>

    Very nice case! GUS and Barry Szamboti cues fit nicely in these Ron Ross Tooled Justis cases
  16. rigmaster

    !!!! Tucker Steal !!!!

    Great price Aand Murray's cues play great!
  17. rigmaster

    Afbw black boar silver monster

    Pretty cue!
  18. rigmaster

    Collectable Black Boar Eight Pointer for Sale

    That is a beauty!
  19. rigmaster

    ✦◊✦ The Golden Boar (amazing Black Boar)!!! ✦◊✦

    I love this cue hopefully I can add it to my 4 boars