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  1. Mike_Mason

    Pictures of World Caliber Players When They Were Young

    In the 4th pic down - with Nick Varner and young man in blue shirt - Nick Vlahos is on the right wearing light jeans and white shirt. ---> didn't post this is in reference to post #100
  2. Mike_Mason

    Happy Birthday JAM!!!

    Happy Birtday Another belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! rock :happy-birthday:
  3. Mike_Mason

    Smorgass Bored Update

    I miss Smorg... Smorg gave me my first greenies. He posted original, funny, interesting, and so many other positive adjectives that I could think of...words that meant something to me and to many others. He demonstrated a big heart and is at the top of my list of all-time AZ posters. I didn't...
  4. Mike_Mason

    Prime age for pool players

    Check out Dave Ross I probably played my best pool in my late 20s - mid 30s...and that's what I think most players prime years are. That does not mean that you cannot play well and win anymore. Age can be a strength as well as a weakness. And as an example - I am real happy for an old friend...
  5. Mike_Mason

    So who was (is) the Greatest Player ever ?

    I agree with that 'billiards and snooker greats have no place in this thread.' I do think that tournament victories cannot be the judge of who the greatest all-around player is/was. The game of pool has a history of tournaments not paying a professional wage that the best players made their...
  6. Mike_Mason

    So who was (is) the Greatest Player ever ?

    3kushn - It would give Shorty more reason to be considered a better all-around player because he would beat Ceulemans at any game except 3-cushion billiards. I was making a point that to be considered the best ever one should consider all-around ability...which imo Shorty tops Ceulemans.
  7. Mike_Mason

    Help Naming My Lathe

    Green Monster is taken up in Boston Big Larry...
  8. Mike_Mason

    So who was (is) the Greatest Player ever ?

    Shorty v. Ceulemans So Ceulemans wouldn't take Shorty's offer to bet on a match that he really couldn't lose it's probably safe to say the he also wouldn't take Shorty up on some 1-pocket for any cash.
  9. Mike_Mason

    What does "being sponsored mean"

    Best advice to get sponsorship - just ask! I played the Florida Tour in the early to mid 90s and received a fairly good stake from a local auto dealer along with five quality golf shirts with his logo clearly shown on the left front. I wore the shirts at tournaments...which were a 1/2 hour to...
  10. Mike_Mason

    So who was (is) the Greatest Player ever ?

    All-around player??? If you are asking who is/was the best "all-around" player...then you would have to put "Boston Shorty" Johnson in the mix. Shorty played all pool games at the highest level...and a world competitor at 3-cushion billiards. And that's not even counting the extremely high...
  11. Mike_Mason

    Any Word On How Danny Harriman Is Doing?

    Great news... Danny - it's nice to read that you feel a part of the 'family' here and as a family member I am happy to hear that you are on the mend from a difficult situation. Best wishes for a speedy recovery - Mike
  12. Mike_Mason

    Happy birthday mike howerton of azbilliards!!

    Mr. Pool Happy Birthday Mike!!
  13. Mike_Mason

    Who are the 'Old Schoolers' of AZ

    Bob - thanks for the props...which I also read and wrote a review of your fine book. And you are another guy that I know but have never met...I don't think...and I am a New Englander like you...well I was until 1989...ha ha maybe a bit before your prime time. Good luck with your latest. Cheers...
  14. Mike_Mason

    Who are the 'Old Schoolers' of AZ

    Read my book here...joined the forum My join date reads 11-30-2005...but I self-published my little novel WONDERBOYS in 1998. Soon after that, Mike H. was cool enough to serialize it on this site one chapter (scene) each week for 62 weeks. I then became a AYE I am old school here...
  15. Mike_Mason

    Our own member uwate live now.

    Dave - watched you play some on the excellent stream. Looked pretty good to me. Congrats on a nice performance. - Mike
  16. Mike_Mason

    What Is Your Specialty Shot?

    Spot shot I can make a good old fashioned spot shot...or anything close to it...most every time. Object ball on or near the spot, cue ball on or near the head string between the head spot and second diamond on the long rail. Like opening a can of peas.
  17. Mike_Mason

    How Would You Play This? 2/20/2014

    my take I could agree with BeiberLvr. Or I would play the 8-ball in the upper left corner and draw the cue ball 2 or even better three rails for a straight in shot on the 9-ball. I would not attempt to get position for the 9-ball in the lower left corner pocket.
  18. Mike_Mason

    New England visit in July

    Thanks... Some posssibilities here...thanks. I have played quite a lot when a boy at the Club Passe Temps...or Pastime Club, depending on if you had any French in you...which I do. I have relatives as members and have been looking forward to checking it out...they tell me they still have...
  19. Mike_Mason

    New England visit in July

    Hello up there! I will be visiting the Lowell/Salem/Boston area first ten days of July...then a week in central Vermont. You can't miss me - I'll be the guy in sunglasses wearing a Mickey Mouse tee shirt and a camera hanging from my neck. Anyone know of any one-day open tournaments during...
  20. Mike_Mason

    Laddy Mills?

    Condolences I met and got to know Laddie through most of the 1970s when he visited us at our pool room in Salem, MA. He had some travel to get there from NH but didn't miss many tournaments. He was a solid player and a real gentleman. He especially made it a point to participate in our double...