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    Gorst in the Mosconi

    Gorst svb skyler styler Bergman
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    Gorst in the Mosconi

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    Gorst in the Mosconi

    Styler is a upper coming player
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    Albin Ouschan wins Predator Cues Premier League Pool title

    Great event like to se crowd shots and interaction with spectators with this tremendous fun tournament ty matchroom and best to Emily
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    SJM Sizes Up the Matchroom 2021 US Open

    Great time took my wife she plays league pool and she also enjoyed it I thought I would be watching by myself not this time Emily Frazer is the straw that stirs the drink she has this production event down!! 33 tables with 33 gloved table referees and racker with head referees available for...
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    Pool Tournaments During COVID Pandemic

    Quarantine if you were there to protect others ! Get tested but you can not show symptoms for a period of time ? Quarantine for 7 days if no fever or symptoms and you test negative you hit the lottery and are good to go
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    Pool Tournaments During COVID Pandemic

    I am recovering at home finally much better after a month of dry lingering coughing We went to Er for evaluation determination was chest X-ray showed something happening in lungs gave me a antibiotics told to quarantine and rest Cough would not let me rest so friend told me about benzonatate...
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    Pool Tournaments During COVID Pandemic

    We will 2 at Drexeline passed away bob Burt and ray Murphy bunch more in icu 15 got it some hospitalized bad shit be careful we were did not protect us
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    Pool Tournaments During COVID Pandemic

    benzonatate is what you need to take for cough suppressant !!! We had it could not stop that dry nagging cough and sleep to recover ? Was prescribed it and went on road to recovery ! Serious stuff out of 15 who got it at pool room 2 passed one 10 days icu still on oxygen one 7 days trouble...
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    Breaking down 7' diamond table?

    recently I moved mine with a cart I was told not to take slate off due to chance of slate being broken when out of its protective structure. 4 years ago I did take off slate due to location inside of basement. I put it into pod stored for 4 months or so then carried into my walkout basement and...
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    Players that cheat

    wow this guy is a creep Watching a money match streamed Player got the 8 in 9 ball Creepo scratched on 6 underdog shot the 7 and got great position on 8 not so quick player got into preshot and up jumped creepo to accuse him of a foul said he touched the cueball on his warmup strokes big...
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    Converting my diamond light to led or not

    This is the best way just a master electrician here! good advice
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    Bulb for Table Light: Need Suggestion

    smart man good choice! you can get these in 75watt Daylight
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    SBX Alex vs. Earl - foul or no foul

    Earl did not object much at all 10 second conversation Alex apologized smiled and Earl accepted .Earl did not ask for Referee ruling
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    SBE Dates are in March 2019

    checked on Super Billiard Expo site scroll to bottom in links says future events ! last weekend of March 2019 march 2020 book those refundable rooms ! hope this helps :thumbup:
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    2018 dates

    End of March 2019 said see ya then!
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    Never going to another Super Billiards Expo.

    kids are free! players admissions are included for players, any league players get admission discount , lots of discount opportunities still lots of outs coming in propped up doors there ! A tough business to regulate? !it was the best pro event ever, wish they had some monitors up if...