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  1. Moet.1977

    US Open One Pocket

    just cause you haven't heard of alot of the players doesn't mean there not great players. sure it was great tournament
  2. Moet.1977

    Should I open a pool room?

    it's no retirement you'll work 12-15hr days to keep bills paid an you'll rarely get to play.
  3. Moet.1977

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    now that is funny
  4. Moet.1977

    The Reality of Revo Shafts.

    What u get Jack I think u already know this, but what u get when u buy a cue from a high end maker is ensurance on your money. You no that after playing with that 5 thousand dollar cue for 5 years or even 10 years that you can get ur money back. I don't know if buying product cues u can do...
  5. Moet.1977

    Buffalo Danny DiLiberto a knock out at 83!

    Glad to hear he's doing good.
  6. Moet.1977

    Deputy Shot Overnight in Florida Named William Gentry

    First let me say how sad I am to hear this bad news and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Also to what kicked chicken said, it's not 100% accurate felons r a loud to own a gun but it must be a powder gun or muzzle loader. And the truth is those can be just as dangerous the more...
  7. Moet.1977

    Original Flowers - Jeff Q cases

    Bought this from Ted ( cuesblues ) on here years ago. Will sale or trade for nice sneaky. I also got a full splice Rosewood Jensen I'll let in a better trade. The case is in very good condition especially for its age no cracks in leather.
  8. Moet.1977

    1972 McDermott

    Doc The cue isn't 4 sale I tried yesterday, the guys had this for almost 40 years and he bought it from a friend that said he bought it straight from Jim McDermott hands. The guys a straight shooter as far as I know and I have no reason to doubt him. The points are all straight and the cue...
  9. Moet.1977

    Zack Richardson your cue is finished..

    That's my all time favorite player a wrap less full splice cue, yours looks great and Bob's cues play great enjoy.
  10. Moet.1977

    1972 McDermott

    My friend is the second owner of this cue which he bought in early 80's off a close family friend. The older gentleman said he bought this from Jim McDermott in early 70's. He couldn't remember exact year but said thinks it was 72.
  11. Moet.1977

    Just to let customer im working on it

    I rarely come down now that bank shot is closed but I did come down to Diamonds in St Matthew the other day. On a side note I was playing 1 hole with Glen the other day at Jacks in New Albany and he said Greg was going to open a private billiard club in Clarksville so we'll c how that goes.
  12. Moet.1977

    Rosewood axi mezz

    I can't believe someone hasn't scoped this up. Very pretty cue.
  13. Moet.1977

    FS MANZINO - Ebony on Ebony Bridged Points

    What beautiful player.
  14. Moet.1977

    Dale Patten cue value and info?

    Doc I'm not saying your wrong cause I truly don't know but I heard that cnc is always round points, but they can use a cnc machine and then cut the points Sharpe after. I don't know if that's true or not just what I was told. Plus I thought Dale used mostly Spain blanks, ether way it's a...
  15. Moet.1977

    Just to let customer im working on it

    I.really like to try one of these cues, I love stiff hitting cues an this looks like it play great.
  16. Moet.1977

    Jensen sneaky

    Sold one Jensen today and pick up another, I actually took it cause I knew my daughter would love the veneer and ring work colors. LOL It seems they have got something sticky on the cue I'm not sure what it is, but cue actually plays very good. It has a nice stiff hit, just tried it out at...
  17. Moet.1977

    😁😁😁My new Bluegrass😁😁😁

    That's a beautiful cue and Richards cues play great enjoy.
  18. Moet.1977

    FS: 7 antiques - 4 HP's, Palmer Titlist

    Is the one on end straight the one that 165.
  19. Moet.1977

    O8 Jensen

    Sorry cue sold tis morning,.but I couldn't of done 9 even if I still had it. Thanks for the offer.
  20. Moet.1977

    McDermott Gcore shaft

    That's good deal if I had a 3/8-10 cue I scoop this up.