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  1. n10spool

    141 or 140 Degree Corner Pockets

    anything under 140 make any small pocket play like a vacumm sucks ball in easily. I did 7' at 139 another 137 with 4" pockets just to see if an okay player would love it and they did. 6 months later wanted it back to 141 to play normal if you want a little tougher then go to 143 like a gold...
  2. n10spool

    Simonis 860 versus HR

    olhousen has there own version of simonis called 760sr for there tables
  3. n10spool

    What angle for rubber cushions ???

    also have take into account the thickness of the rails height would you adjust 1-1\2" to 2" thick rails? how to adjust for u23,k66 or k55 profile rubber and slight differences for manufacturer mold issues? when would you use cloth and non cloth reinforced rubber and durometer rating of...
  4. n10spool

    How to speed up a slow cloth

    try starch and an iron just watch the temp works okay. or use super slick car wax takes months for the balls to slow down. local shop polishes balls for $10 and uses a crazy brand of wax on them to make ultra shinny but its skid central for months till they play right. best buy the right cloth...
  5. n10spool


    table must have come from az thats all they use out here on cheap tables. i like the grex stapler the best but it didnt like 120 degree weather in phoenix kept melting orings. best gun i ever have used hands down,faster reset then anything out there. new one is a fasco it looks exactly the...
  6. n10spool

    Damaged Rail Rubber

    I have seen layers of tape used before. hot glue used many times by a famous west coast guy hate going behind his work everything was hot glue gunned together. seen layers of rubber cement and rubber sanding dust mixed. those are the almost works..... find picks of the WTF ones
  7. n10spool

    Where's Glen Hancock (Therealkingcobra)?!?

    glen still around washington state think he is heading south soon to do a couple tables and some rails for a friend of mine. glens lives on east side of washington sometimes has to adjust to weather for travel. 95% late all the time but gets it done.
  8. n10spool

    Slate Cart | Dolly | Carrier

    thats a great set up, i had a few plans years ago but never built it.
  9. n10spool

    Pool table in 2 story house

    In phoenix rarely find a solid floor for a table last two i put in floor flexes a bunch ball will move a good diamond spaces. Thats in the new homes older homes may have the older joist design but new style sucks for tables.
  10. n10spool

    Diamond question

    cloth is on three sides wedged in be feather strip then it lies across the top which is the fourth side. if you streach it right no need for a fold in the corner pockets only for the side pockets. side pockets leave yourself at least 3-4" of cloth to learn easier on corners only need 1-2"of...
  11. n10spool

    Shaft Compartment/Organizer for Repair Shop

    I used 1-1/2" abs cut about 6" high and line with lambswool holds shafts nice and snug wont wear the finish off making a nee one to hold 48 shafts and a few butts
  12. n10spool

    Which Starrett 98?

    10"&12" are best to get most consistant leveling. 4"&6" hit to many valley's keeps changing level 15"&18" work faster but hits the peaks to far apart and dont let you raise the valley's. All have their quirks practice and use notes on how it changes from adjustments
  13. n10spool

    Gold crown upgrades

    after you polish the aluminum use white diamond to maintain them and seal them. I use this on my 49 ford all the time only polish with a sealer so no black residue or oxidation will transfer to your clothes while playing. most auto parts stores carry it also...
  14. n10spool

    My table plays slow

    Most diamonds have 860hr on them if it has 760 it will be like an ice skating rink all day long. check your rail bolts see if torqued to 15ft pounds no need for tighter it just creates rolls in the table sometimes from over torquing. room tempature under 74 degrees creates hard rubber rails to...
  15. n10spool

    Table ID?

    Post up pics of the inside frame corner conectors and frame assambly might tell us more about it.
  16. n10spool

    Anyone recognize this table???

    wow memories about 2000 i did a table like that had to remove/break down ball return to figure how to work on it. I remember what a pain it was underneath looks the same but one i had top looked in worse and cheaper condition.
  17. n10spool

    Precision Potting - Free Evaluation Trial

    makes you practice with inside english thats most dont practice. reminds me of little Joe Villalpanda tips on appling english. do you use backhand english fronthand english or parallel english assuming a level cue and not elevated
  18. n10spool

    Something must be missing on my GC IV..

    ball return is out of adjustment. years ago i think added a thin board to the blind or thick piece of carpet to the blind and that took up the gap on the slate blind area. check your frame ive seen them installed backwards and they lower the ball return an inch to compensate and that creates a...
  19. n10spool

    is this product ok to use??

    micro fiber towel and if you can use a little carnuba wax on the shaft. if you wash your hands before during and after playing pool your cue and hands will stay cleaner longer and feel smoother in the long run.
  20. n10spool

    does anyone know which make this cue is?

    looks like a Chinese decal cue