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    Capone Cue F/S

    Capone Cues This is a great looking traditional style cue made by a great cue maker. I just talked with Mike at the US International Open in Norfolk and I bought a cue from him. I’ve owned a couple of his cues in the past and they are very well made and play great (naturally I’d say that since...
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    Switched to harder tip and started to play bad

    I’ve played with a Sniper tip for years and it’s my favorite tip (personal preference of course). I’ve tried a lot of different tips especially since I’ve had my own cue lathe for many years and I’ve settled on the Sniper as my favorite. What I’ve learned about it is it takes maybe 2 weeks...
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    International Open

    Whoever wins this tournament is going to earn it with a field this strong! I hope Shane can get to the final, but he’s going to have to play almost perfect and get some rolls.
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    International Open

    I’m leaving early Tuesday morning and I’ll stay until the end. This tournament has become an annual event for me and I don’t go to any other big pool events. I’m not crazy about the long drive to get there, but I’ve done it so many times it’s not too bad. I’ve got a reserved ring side seat that...
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    what are the all-time greatest pool matches?

    Best 9 ball matches I was going to mention the Sigel vs Varner match at the US Open also. It’s an old video and I’m not sure it’s still available from AccuStats anymore. Sigel was ahead 9-2 and Nick ended up corner hooked. Nick calmly kicked two balls in and proceeded to come back and beat...
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    Passing of a friend

    Passing of a good friend RIP Steve and my condolences to his family. Steve was a great guy and his cue collection will rival any you will ever see. We all enjoyed your posts and cue pictures.
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    Headed to the Int'l 9 Ball Open - Who's Going?

    I’m glad to hear this because he was pretty slow and deliberate last year. It’s not good for the spectators when a player takes more time than normal to shoot each shot. I’ve always found 9 ball to be fairly easy to figure out you either go for the shot and position for the next shot or shoot...
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    Int’l Open—-results?

    Nils is in the losers bracket after first round and that’s surprising. I would have picked him as one of the favorites since he’s been finishing high for the last few years. His game has really picked up and he has one of the most powerful breaks you’ll ever see when he breaks full power!
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    can't get my chin down to the cue when shooting?

    Tip I have back problems and I’m a little stiff because of it. Here’s a tip for you that works great for me and it lets me get down pretty low for aiming. I don’t get my chin down to my cue, but I get a lot lower than I used to. Stand a little further back on your shots and hold your cue...
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    Headed to the Int'l 9 Ball Open - Who's Going?

    Open I’m leaving early Monday morning and I’ve been looking forward to it for a while. This will be my 24th year and I’ve seen a lot over the years. Q-masters is one of my favorite pool halls and I always try to spend some time there while I’m at the Open.
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    ** GINACUE ** Brand NEW just delivered from Ernie!

    Gina Cue This is one of the nicest Gina Cues I’ve ever seen!
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    The REVO is taking over pool

    I’ve read all the posts in this thread and this one should mean more than all the physics, spin, deflection, squirt, stroke speed, cue weight etc. etc. etc. You’ve played your friend for 30 years so you know his game inside out and the only difference is he changed equipment and suddenly his...
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    Why does USA keep bringing back proven Mosconi losers?

    Picks Shane is the best player in the US and there’s no question about that, but the MC format is not his cup of tea. The races are just too short which makes the luck factor come into play more than normal in 9 ball. One lucky roll or one missed shot could cost you the match in a race to five...
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    Oscar Dominguez in UK tabloids, not good.

    That’s a great post JAM. These short races put too much luck into the outcome. In a race to 11 you can come back if your opponent gets a couple of lucky rolls, but in a race to 5 if your opponent gets one or two good rolls you don’t have time to make it up. The first day Jim Wych said the rolls...
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    Trade 314-3 for Z3

    What joint does this 314-3 fit? I have a Z3 5/16x14 I might want to trade.
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    Espn3 to live stream Mosconi Cup in USA

    Mosconi Cup Live Stream Thanks for this info. I was wondering where I could watch some of the matches. Go USA. I like our chances this year over the last couple of years. Some of the hottest Euros are missing besides the hottest of them all Shaw!
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    Can Dechaine handle pressure?

    I agree. A good gambler can beat a better player with ease if the nerves get to the better player. Being nervous takes a pool player out of their comfort zone and it affects their game drastically. I've watched good players practice and they look unbeatable as the balls go in the pockets...
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    Mosconi Cup

    MC Opinion Justin, I think you played great and did your part to win. I'd love to see the Mosconi Cup switch to 10 ball with tighter pockets, but I doubt that will ever happen.
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    Switching to a low deflection shaft, pros and cons?

    No matter how you aim you have to practice to get the feel of how your cue hits the ball. Don't hit the ball any harder than you have to, the softer the hit the better for accuracy.
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    Earl Strickland

    I've watched Earl play for years and he played his best on Gold Crown tables. The Diamond tables are great, but Earl's game is better suited to Gold Crown tables. He won his fifth US Open title on a Gold Crown and it was the last year they used Gold Crown's at the Open and he hasn't come close...