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  1. Meezer Girl

    20 dollar chalk?? What’s the world coming to?

    The one time I purchased "lasts long, don't have to chalk between shots, no dust, etc" chalk I found that it dried out my tips so I gave it away and haven't been tempted away from my Master since.
  2. Meezer Girl

    Skyler Woodward vs Aloysius Yapp (2021 Diamond Las Vegas Open) *LIVE*

    after watching both players in previous matches, I expected Omar to win....just didn't take advantage of Wu's mistakes and made too many of his own - just my 2 cents
  3. Meezer Girl

    Age Related Decline

    looks like I forgot how to make a comment
  4. Meezer Girl

    Age Related Decline

    I have a left sciatica that can get pissed off if I'm not careful....pain killers are useless because you "break through" them...2nd opinion doc sent me to physical therapy and 1 exercise in particular (that you can do standing up) took away all the pain by the second day (after 2 weeks of...
  5. Meezer Girl

    TAR 35 Orcollo vs Van Boening June 7-9, 2013

    Another great match - Thank You Justin - see you there
  6. Meezer Girl

    TAR 35 Format Poll

    Definitely the grind - 75 (100 if they agree)
  7. Meezer Girl

    What A Week - Vegas+

    Was nice meeting & chatting with you. Congrats again on your good showing at Singles and good luck to your girlfriend on her new prospects. Great timing to be in Vegas for the Shane & Efren match :thumbup:
  8. Meezer Girl

    9-Ball Money League Info?

    I have a 10 Ball Division in my league - just sent you a PM
  9. Meezer Girl

    BCAPL/CSI Ban APA 9-Ball players

    Some of the players on the APA team involved were also on a BCAPL league in their area and have now been banned from BCAPL for 3 years
  10. Meezer Girl

    BCAPL/CSI Ban APA 9-Ball players

    Thank You Mark Those of us that just want to play pool without cheating appreciate your action against the players involved. :)
  11. Meezer Girl

    AZB Pool Tournament at BCAPL in Vegas!

    WHAT :yikes: Of course you are going to play, and sign up your team mates too :D We'll have a great time visiting :)
  12. Meezer Girl

    AZB Pool Tournament at BCAPL in Vegas!

    Hi Ken, I am "computer challenged" :smile: Can you sign me up or put me on your list ?? I'll be "dead money" too but I'm always willing to step up to the table against anyone and support organizers efforts. Like to meet some more AZers also.
  13. Meezer Girl

    ERO or not?

    Seems like you will need to vote before the beginning of your next session on the definition of a TR or ERO or whatever you want to call it. Follow the KISS theory. The more "stipulations" (has to be your 1st turn) you put in the rule then the more problems (read interpretations) you will have...
  14. Meezer Girl

    The APA 9 ball team CHAMPIONS disqualified

    This is here you find the start of the problem (handicap) - then you add "you have to WIN the right to go to Nationals" (the carrot) and you end up encouraging baggers & cheaters. Give me BCAPL any day - one on one - no handicap - satisfy their very reasonable eligibilty requirements - pay...
  15. Meezer Girl

    The APA 9 ball team CHAMPIONS disqualified

    Thank You for naming the players involved
  16. Meezer Girl

    Not a pool room but a Billiards men's club.

    Thank You for that correction :D It is a great idea - you need to make sure you have enough serious players in your area to get started and support it. Definitely need to get some leagues going so you can pay the rent
  17. Meezer Girl

    ERO or not?

    Your league's rule, as you stated it, seems really clear to me - no technicallity required - "approaching the table" is not the act of "shooting". He didn't start "shooting" until he decided which "option" he wanted. No thought needed on your scenario above either - a stripe was down so all 15...
  18. Meezer Girl

    ERO or not?

    In my 8 ball division it doesn't matter if it is your "1st turn at the table", as long as all 15 balls are on the table and you run out that is a Table Run and we pay $5 for it (used to pay $10 but it impacted the prize fund too much). In my 10 ball division we don't pay "nightly" for table...
  19. Meezer Girl

    Racking At The US BB Championship

    [9 ball should simply die as a game for skilled players. Exactly what I've been saying for quite some time now - the Pros need to be playing 10 ball until they "break" that game :eek: