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  1. morthnrdy

    Sugartree pin size

    Looking for help on sugartree pins? I know they're not standard 3/8-10, I've been told that the difference was .3115" flat minor and .373" major pin than also someone said it was .3125? Any help from anyone??? Eric Crisp??? Tyvm James
  2. morthnrdy

    What kinda cue am I?????

    Ccc Carolina Custom Cue.... CCC
  3. morthnrdy

    Gold crown billiards Erie PA

    Lee Brett Lee Hello it was a pleasure chatting with you at the tournament. We spoke a bit about the pool room and its lay-out as you described and the tournament format among other things. just wanted to say it was great chatting it up with you, and hope to see you out there soon. Couldn't...
  4. morthnrdy

    Two Brand New Eddie Cohen Pointed Cues STUNNERS!

    Sweet Cohen Alex... Pm sent
  5. morthnrdy

    Eddie Cohen Cocobolo Beauty with Copper ringwork

    Nice cue i have the PH mate.... The figure in your cocobolo really pops... GLWS
  6. morthnrdy

    Another Tournament with "No Conflict Rules"

    Always a great event Paul is not telling everything. He quit using this chart. He now runs with a bracket that is absolutely genius and is the most fun and exciting thing I've seen. If Barry used it for the US Open, he would get his 256 wait-listed every year. You can bet on that, all day...
  7. morthnrdy

    Another Tournament with "No Conflict Rules"

    I personally love Paul's tournament, it's brings great pool in the doors, and money... I've never spoke to anyone who has played in this event and had issues with the rules. Everyone entitled to there own opinion but I'm just saying? Great events, great pool, big money... IMHO
  8. morthnrdy

    ~>~>~>~>~>~> Beautiful Bill Schick Cue <~<~<~<~<~<~

    Schick Very nice Bill Schick Sir, luv em.
  9. morthnrdy

    Brunswick Gold Crown II Vs. Diamond

    Well said, just like cloth, championship 3030, or simonis 860 hr, etc... I believe championship stretches up to 6 inches as oppose to simonis is 1½ inches which is okay but leaves lot of room for error if you don't have a good take mechanic.. I've heard n seen championship get nappy or slow...
  10. morthnrdy

    Jump break under $200

    jb absolutely, for the range your in imo best forgiving but can be an arsenal in your bag is the sniper concept 2 or original... very strong break n jump and once u hone in.on the cue very good with position n jumping with position. NOW, unless you want to spend 500 or more or less its not...
  11. morthnrdy

    Predator BUTTS

    alterations love your ideas, I also like 3/8-10 pin better, but more to point. your ideas are great and will look great but only concern would be in resale if it ever were to occur. are you planning to remove the predator logo on the buttsleeve if you do SW hoppe style or any other? may make...
  12. morthnrdy

    Incredible MARK BEAR BLANK!!!

    mark bear sorry I didn't read instructions for pms only, my mistake.... ty James
  13. morthnrdy

    Sold For Sale: *** Ariel Carmeli Burl & Ebony Classic With 4 Shafts

    very nice carmeli at a great price...u said one of the 314² shafts has matching ring work? Ton of cue here, wish I had room in my case's,lol...GLWS, shouldn't last long at that price.... James
  14. morthnrdy

    Hmmm...Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick!!! Biggest Baddest Barnhart???

    very nice very nice cue, love Barnhart cues, he is doing great work n love playability of em...You have a STRONG cue sir....also good looking mastiff, btw...guess we have two things in common...I have owned 2, my boy now is my best James
  15. morthnrdy

    WTB: Predator IKON 9

    ikon 9 posted couple pics of cue on my hm pg if interested n also responded to your request on ur ty james
  16. morthnrdy

    Dzuricky Ebony/Ivory

    Dz Very nice cue sir...Bob as always you done good, worked with Bob on number of things and amazes me the craftsmanship, playability, detail and just an absolute gentleman to work with...And jp at I'm sure a very fair price...cue says it all, congrats on new cue. James
  17. morthnrdy

    FS-Loaded Ivory Custom Kikel

    price reduction price reduced to move a strong cue....1250.00 takes it!!!
  18. morthnrdy

    FS-Loaded Ivory Custom Kikel

    bump bump to the top
  19. morthnrdy

    FS-Loaded Ivory Custom Kikel

    I guess I could of just said you nailed it on the head with "exceptional shafts"