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    Figured prong and blank lot

    All dry and ready to turn. The 4,6,8 point blanks came from the Schrager shop 2011/2012. All other woods came from various sources. *SOLD* shipped and insured add 3% for paypal g&s. Thanks for looking. Pending Sale
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    Full Splice Blanks

    Sold All SOLD!! Thanks for looking.
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    Makers mark help

    Been a hot minute since i have been on AZB.. I can't recall where i have seen this mark before. Not needing pricing just who made it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jerry Hall
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    Charity Tournament Fundraiser for local APA player Brock Noteboom

    Brock was a great friend to many southern California players and has left behind two young daughters. If you would like to contribute to the fundraiser for his daughters, please donate to the fundraising account that has been set up. You can donate cash, merchandise for raffle prizes and more...
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    FS/ Scott Erwin Cues

    Nice cues! GLWS.
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    Lathe Tool Holders + Tsp&b Rotary tool Holder

    I will take everything else if still available. Thanks.
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    Maple, Ebony, BRW & Phenolic

    I will take the BEM four on the left, four on the right. Please pm info.
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    if you could play like a pro?

    My pick is the earthquake. Late 70's to early 80's my $$ was on him.
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    "C" logo. Unknown cue

    The butt inlay pattern screams Falcon to me..
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    A cuemakers dream

    Great job!
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    Nice fronts f/s

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    2 Antique cues... ID please

    Don't rule out the saunier-wilhelm company. I have seen the darker color palette in that vignaux style from them.
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    Coll Cues Photo Gallery

    Done! :)
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    eBay find!

    The cues are most likely made by the saunier-wilhelm company. They were a Brunswick knockoff table and cue manufacturer from the 20's to the late 90's. The Brunswick color palette for vignaux style cues did not include red to the best of my knowledge. You can see a couple in ebay item...
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    JAMES WHITE , rosewood beauty, Masterpiece

    Beautiful cue!! To the top!
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    FS / Seven Erwin Cues

    Really nice cues you got there Chuck. To the top!!
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    Andy Gilbert Full Splice from SBE

    Nice offering GLWS!