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  1. Monto P2

    Ebony Gina 1/1 made in 1991

    Pink ivory, ivory and ebony. One shaft has been played slightly. Just let the pics do the talking. Pm or Email me
  2. Monto P2

    Amazing Super Gina

    Beautiful Gina with real diamonds inlaid in a real gold spears. I will let the pics do the talking. Cue is located in thailand and still is in unplayed condition. My email is Feel free to ask in questions. For interest of the buyer i want to keep it a private sale.
  3. Monto P2

    Custom pool jerseys

    Can pre order anysize. Will have only limited quantity available. Can also customise team jerseys or for any brands. The ones i have are usd 40 each shipped add usd 5 for xxxl. Fully customised jerseys for usd 40 minimum order 50 pcs. Less than 50 more than 20 usd 50. 5 to 20 usd 60. 1 to 5...
  4. Monto P2

    Fury chinese 8 ball/snooker cue

    Cue specially made to play chinese 8 ball, works great for snooker as well. Comes with 6 inch mini extension. Radial joint.19 oz. 11mm tip. Very low deflection shaft. Usd 200, paypal add 4%
  5. Monto P2

    Capone ebony into curly

  6. Monto P2

    Capone ebony into curly

    Selling my beloved capone to fund another purchase. Jet black ebony into hard curly maple. 4 sharp high ebony points. Plays beautiful. Radial joint with mikes name engraved. Weight bolt can be inserted. Ivory sleev joint. Weight is 19.65 Tip is 12.75 brand new navigator medium tip Butt has few...
  7. Monto P2

    P3 Black,Leather wrap

    Still available
  8. Monto P2


  9. Monto P2

    P3 Black,Leather wrap

    This Cue is excellent condition and has the original wrap from predator. weight-19.17 oz butt-14.99 shaft 4.18 Tip size is 12.75 mm 475 shipped.
  10. Monto P2


    not available anymore
  11. Monto P2

    WTB: Predator P2 with wrap

    I have a wrapless golden oak p2 and a leather wrap black p3
  12. Monto P2

    Predator BK2

  13. Monto P2

    FS Predator P2 Golden Oak

    I have for sale a very hard to find Predator P2 Golden Oak with 314-2 Shaft. cue is been used as it should be and shows the signs thereof specs Length -58 inches Weight- 18.14 no weight bolt. (butt14.22 Shaft 3.92 Tip- 12.55 mm SOLD
  14. Monto P2

    Predator BK2

    Still available
  15. Monto P2

    Wtb shaft and butt collets

    Looking for shaft and butt collets for my lathe. Shipping to thailand. Thanks
  16. Monto P2

    Predator BK2

    For sale Predator Bk2 58" length, original tip and weigh around 20 oz sold shipped
  17. Monto P2

    2 Shafts Adam BS158 and Mezz hyrbid pro 2

    Have a couple of shafts for sale First is Adam Mushashi BS 158 shaft, radial joint 12.33mm,4.08 oz and 29".kamui black hard. this shaft was previously owned by pro from japan tomo takano Second Mezz hybrid pro 2 wavy joint,12.40mm, 3.73 oz and 29" Zan soft tip. Both shafts are sold
  18. Monto P2

    Wtb mezz

    I have a mezz bocote sneaky with wd700 shaft. i can sell for usd 350 including shiiping. i cannot show pics until next week though
  19. Monto P2

    Firesale#4 Mezz Hybrid Alpha shaft 145 shipped

    Never mind
  20. Monto P2

    Firesale#3 Ob1 wavy joint 125 shipped

    Never mind