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    Genuine Concern Over AzB

    Glad to see Tramp Steamer posting. His humor is fun. For me there were (are?) too many feuds and too much antagonism. It just wasn't fun and interesting anymore. I come back to see what is going on but rarely post as I just don't need the aggravation.
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    Volunteers needs for additional forum mods

    So who are the new moderators? I haven't been around much lately and would like to know. Thanks
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    best pool one liners

    He can draw with that cue ball better than you can with a pencil.
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    Practice drills for a beginner.

    Here is one you might like. There are many variations and many benefits In any practice drill you should be making the ball about 90% of the time. We learn when we succeed more often than when we fail.
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    Key Words

    I think the best thing you can do is to stop talking. Hum something (Hmmmmm) and have in your mind the idea that the ability to concentrate and see your contact point is the most important thing that you can do. These types of things help you to turn the whole thing over to the sub-conscious...
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    OK thanks Dr Dave but I am posting....

    Interesting observation. I did not play for about a month, simply had no inclination. The other day I walked passed the hall and stopped in just for the hell of it. I play with the stick centered under my nose and found that I had double vision and had to stay on the shot for another 30 seconds...
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    Time for it's own thread...

    Sometimes I wonder if people ever stop to think what HAMB means. To me it means stumbling around in the dark until you luck into finding something that works. Maybe it means make every mistake until you find something that works. To me this implies that you do not have to burn your fingers on...
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    Like many things in life, it depends upon the seriousness of the problem that one has. Using our current understanding about how the mind works can, and does, have a major impact on someone's life if they are wiling to use the principles involved. Somewhat like understanding the mechanics and...
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    Some flirting perhaps?

    Naw, little if any flirting. When two people flirt there is much more face touching, adjusting hair, clothes, smiling, etc. A man's voice tends to drop. My bet is simply good friends with clear boundaries. He might want to (subconsciously) take it a little further but she is clear in her...
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    Pool teaching philosophy

    Straightpool-99 wrote, “What are your thoughts on this? Should you try to emulate the pros from the beginning or learn an entirely different style and then change? “ I have a few thoughts on the matter. First off who is a teacher? I have addressed that in a short essay (that won a prize by the...
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    Help me with something.

    I would think that if you placed in the top three places in two big tournaments in one year most people would think you are a Pro no matter how you earn your living. A "big" tournament would be a tournament that attracted at lest 3- 5 known Pros. I think that most people would consider Irving...
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    got a million questions...

    Like you I consume all the best information I can find. I learned that it is best to find ways in which to test a new tool or idea. Sometimes it takes as much ingenuity to find a way to determine if a new idea is useful as it does to learn the idea. I haven't always been successful but over...
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    Weird aiming trick

    I often place the cue over the OB to the rail diamond to calculate bank angles. I have used this for years and have found that the stick often changes the place I was going to hit the rail and it is usually better than my original guess.
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    House Come the Pros don't use Chalk Holders?

    We all learn a way to initiate the PSR and trigger the subconscious to have full control of the mind. Often by simply stepping into the shot. I would guess that many (if not most) of today's Pros learned in a hall over many hours and that they found you can "trigger" the return to conscious...
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    Grip for break

    Replacing old habits Here is a way to replace old habits with a new habit as discovered by a group in Australia. Apparently it is effective as it has been widely recognized as a useful technique. I think it would work to improve your break...
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    Freddy the beard has left us

    RIP Freddy
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    Grip for break

    Hi Fran: I don't know if you have seen this. I find it to be one of the best breaking instructional videos on the web. While the video itself is not good Colin is a great instructor who tells you why, shows you why, and then executes...
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    Relaxing During a Match

    Depends on how serious you are to master this skill. Use biofeedback to learn to relax on command. You can buy a decent biofeedback machine for under $100.00. Use Deep Muscle Relaxation to learn the same thing. When you have learned the technique you can completely relax in 5 - 10 seconds.
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    Pool "Secrets" Found on AZ

    When you take from one source it is plagiarism. When you take from everyone it is research. :D
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    Pool "Secrets" Found on AZ

    I have been playing for 25 years now and here are a couple of things I recently learned. That doesn't make them secrets. It may simply show how stupid I can be. 1.I am not a center to edge advocate but I did learn that there are many rail shots where you can aim the center of the cue tip...