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  1. JeaLouS44

    10 Ball Pool Rules

    The difference was you had to call the 10, the rest of the rules were the same
  2. JeaLouS44

    amazing Jerry Olivier full splice

    I am interested. Price? Pm is ok.
  3. JeaLouS44

    FS - Alex Brick 8pt BEM into ebony

    Mark it SOLD. Bob.
  4. JeaLouS44

    Pool Ball Collecting.

    these are great where can i get some? also would be really fun if there were 7 of each!
  5. JeaLouS44

    Key West Pool Rooms

    Update Update Above
  6. JeaLouS44

    Prather Fillsplice Ebony into Bocote

    Hello Still available?
  7. JeaLouS44

    Its George Cases.....

    damaged broken george style still looking Thanks
  8. JeaLouS44

    Its George Cases.....

    Still looking. Thanks
  9. JeaLouS44

    Davis / Prince Full splice F/S

    Offer I sent an offer in your PM.
  10. JeaLouS44

    Joss- 1968-1979- Post your Pictures Please!!!

    72 joss 72 Joss 1/1 [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  11. JeaLouS44

    Let's See Your Fullsplice Cues!!

    some of mine 5th Adam 9th Predator 10th Davis blank 11th Prather/Gilbert 12th -R- / Helmstetter 13th Helmstetter 86-6 14th & 15th Prather 16th Schelmke/Steve Klein
  12. JeaLouS44

    Unknown "monster" players

    I have a friend that saw Kenny beat Vickery. He also said that nobody came looking for him.
  13. JeaLouS44

    Warped Its George Case !!!

    I have only bought two damaged ones. Do not care for the vinyl, I take it off. I repair/rewrap them , for my own use. in the future I may offer to rewrap them not sure. thanks check here for close up pics.
  14. JeaLouS44

    Warped Its George Case !!!

    It is hard to believe. The stick still fits fine, so I am not gonna take the heat gun to it. thanks for the replies.
  15. JeaLouS44

    Warped Its George Case !!!

  16. JeaLouS44

    Warped Its George Case !!!

    got the pic to work see below
  17. JeaLouS44

    Warped Its George Case !!!

    I buy damaged its George cases, usually they are cracked at the latch point or the straps. I just got one that is warped like 1/2" when laid on a flat surface. I thought what the heck made it do that. Anybody ever see a George case warp like I am describing. thanks
  18. JeaLouS44

    Its George Cases.....

    The cases can be rougher than that. Thanks William. I pmd you.
  19. JeaLouS44

    Its George Cases.....

    Looking for damaged, broken, falling apart. Thanks John
  20. JeaLouS44

    Most of my Cue Collection

    pic3 [/URL][/IMG]