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    Your Cue Stick History?

    I have about 25 cues including a very nice Mottey, a Bender, a one of a kind Scruggs, and a SP Scruggs, a Josey, but, for quite a while , I have been mainly shooting with a Jackson. It's just felt right lately.
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    Fast Larry

    Picky ! Picky!
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    Fast Larry

    I do remember that.
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    Fast Larry

    He was an acquired taste. He called me every name in the book after I created a satirical thread that had his multiple personalities fighting with each other. A year later he sent me a video of him and that wonder dog of his.
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    Fast Larry

    FL and I used to go round and round on the old PlayPool forum but we made up and ended up getting along as well as one could with Larry. I liked him.
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    Opinions on JOSS cues

    I have a nice Coker. I said a lot of strange things 13 years ago. ;)
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    How to use reaction emojis

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    SJM at the 2020 Derby City Classic

    Thanks. Doesn't tell what city they're from. I'll keep digging. :)
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    SJM at the 2020 Derby City Classic

    I heard there was a fairly young player from Parkersburg, WV, who went deep in the one pocket tourney. Who was that?
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    How good were Cole Dickson and Mark Tadd?

    The 2 times I watched Tadd at Derby City, 9 ball, tourney, not hustling, he lost , but gave me the impression he wasn't going 100%. Both times he was playing great players but it was too many years ago to remember who.
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    BLUD'S back

    Blud and I got into a rather long and heated debate many years ago on the Poolplaya Forum over it was ever acceptable, depending upon one's circumstances in life, to ever be a hustler in pool. He was very annoyed at my opinion but we ended up friendly. Just one of those forum things. :)
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    If just one of them isn't! :groucho:
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    Some news

    I am very sorry to hear this!
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    Punky Jones...Hagerstown, MD?

    I remember a real nice PH in Hagerstown. Why did it close?
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    Has anyone ever heard of Keith McCready?

    I'm thinking Eric Roberts.
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    Finally my new Hercek cue is on the way

    I really envy you, friend. Beautiful cue.
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    Has anyone ever heard of Keith McCready?

    I'm definitely getting old when AZers are asking who Keith McCready is.
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    weenie beenie

    Isn't that the one that Charley Duvalier and Weenie Beenie owned? Been to many years. Nice place.
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    Diamond ProAm vs. Brunswick Gold Crown

    I seem to play better on Diamond tables.
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    Dave Dudley

    Never heard it before. I love it, man. thanks.