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  1. dgem

    g2 tips and zan hybrid max for sale bargain price

    On sale now..:)
  2. dgem

    g2 tips and zan hybrid max for sale bargain price

  3. dgem

    Jacoby shaft straightner

    use your hand or coat hanger! ;):thumbup:
  4. dgem

    BGC Manila

    i'm sorry to say but no pool hall exist in BGC as far as i know:confused:
  5. dgem

    What are the most perfect rolling (straight) cues that you have ever had?

    Mezz cues. Great quality. :)
  6. dgem

    Ekkes, new BIilliards instructional vvidieo SAMBA

    The best advantage of aiming system is it gives a very good routine. Ekkes had a lot of great info in his book. You have to be prepared to change your routine in order to incorporate his system in to your game. If you are not then it will not probably help you.
  7. dgem

    Pool Tournaments in the Philippines?

    Go to oneside in malate there's plenty of action there. You may also try Dehadista in cubao, action starts at 11pm to 12mn
  8. dgem

    Pool Tournaments in the Philippines?

    Manila center of action:thumbup:
  9. dgem

    Mezz shaft owners, have you tried Ex Pro?

    great stats.=)
  10. dgem

    Mezz shaft owners, have you tried Ex Pro?

    Expro's deflection is quite the same with hp2. The one thing you will or will not like is the taper. It has a long taper and straight pro taper. That gave the shaft a little flex than hp2. The soft tip that comes in could give the impression that it is lower in deflection but it is not. The tip...
  11. dgem

    The truth about Mezz shafts

    When you buy a mezz you are buying quality. Quality Quality Quality.
  12. dgem

    Funny pool scene, who had this experience?
  13. dgem

    Interior of a broken Mezz Hybrid Pro II

    the first 5-6 inches of mezz hp2 has some foam into it. I had seen one broken so even though it is stiff it is still light weight on the front end and will give you a low deflection shaft.
  14. dgem

    Who plays with Mezz shafts?

    Hybrid pro 2 at 12.8 is the nuts. Have to custom order it though. I put a zan grip hard tip on it and it plays really good. The deflection is quite low and very forgiving shaft. Stun shots are very easy to do. This is the main difference i noticed between 314-2 and mezz shafts. Hard stun shots...
  15. dgem

    Missing to the left...

    That would be an alignment issue. Observe how you address the ball. Had it years ago then learned 90-90, CTE and other pivot aiming techniques and they are gone now. Pivot aiming helped me get in line.
  16. dgem

    Need Mezz Power Break 2 pics plz

    go for the black i have the same:thumbup:
  17. dgem

    The BIG Mezz shaft thread!

    Just tried EXpro recently and wow, by far one of the best shaft from mezz. The taper is quite long, it has more flex than hp2 and alpha but still remain its solid feel. The tip is zan soft so the feel is like a freshly installed master. Feels like sniper as well. Deflection is very near to 314...
  18. dgem

    Phil Capelle Play your best 9 and 10 balll

    I ordered this last year and the book came through my friend Jay Helfert, he brought the book for me from U.S. First and foremost, I must say Phil Capelle is one of the best person i've dealt with. I lost a book and dvd long time ago when i loaned it to a friend. When he found out the I lost...
  19. dgem

    Play Your Best 9 & 10 Ball

    One of the best books i read so far. Diagrams are easy to read. Must buy for a pool fanatic.:)
  20. dgem

    The Ghost Drill Android App

    10 ball ghost option please. :thumbup: