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  1. nksmfamjp

    Sold Satin Southwest BEM $1500 shipped

    Have you noticed my account has zero activity since 2012 except to sell a couple cues? I found out I was the scammer when I tried to login after the DCC. This happened on 2 other forums…..same mode of operation….login from Europe using old password, post stuff for sale, accept only cleared...
  2. nksmfamjp

    Sold Satin Southwest BEM $1500 shipped

    Unfortunately yes. Old databases get cleaned is my understanding and are susceptible to password theft. Then they find that email and try the password.
  3. nksmfamjp

    New or renewed, I haven’t been around since 2012….

    I’m hoping to get back into this. I was at the Derby City this year and really enjoyed it. I come back here and find my account hacked by some scammer. Crazy! Sorry about that happening. I won’t be selling soon, but may sell off some cues after I’m participating a bit more. Anybody know what...
  4. nksmfamjp

    Sold Satin Southwest BEM $1500 shipped

    Thanks for figuring out the scam and posting about it. This hacking of peoples accounts has to stop! Assholes! Again thanks.
  5. nksmfamjp

    MINT 2012 Ron Haley

    I’m glad you guys seem smart enough to not be scammed. Someone stole my username and password. Used it on several sites to sell stuff they never had. What a shit show! Thanks for stopping this shit!
  6. nksmfamjp

    MINT 2012 Ron Haley

  7. nksmfamjp

    Sold Satin Southwest BEM $1500 shipped

    sold out too much talk. you missed!
  8. nksmfamjp

    Sold Satin Southwest BEM $1500 shipped

    SOLD. payment received. you are a complete coward
  9. nksmfamjp

    Sold Satin Southwest BEM $1500 shipped

    still available.
  10. nksmfamjp

    Sold Satin Southwest BEM $1500 shipped

  11. nksmfamjp

    some for Azer's,..

    Just so we are clear....still no cues, still no money, but maybe I have stopped Mervin from swindling others as he has not posted in over 5 years. Those of you who posted how Mervin is such a stand up guy, see where he is now. Look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? Do you like where you...
  12. nksmfamjp

    Nice Amboyna Burl Custom by Dindo Perez

    Cue still plays great and is straight. Now, straight is normally hard in one location, but this cue has been from OH USA to Japan and back. It has seen the full range of humidity and temperatures. I have never seen a roll in it. I always trust this cue to hit the balls right!:thumbup:
  13. nksmfamjp

    Why would anyone do business with Bebot Bautista Cues?

    Les was their employee. They are distancing themselves from him. You are weakening your organization by not throwing Bebot Bautista cues out until they make good on their orders. They are no better than the email from Africa you get weekly asking you to send $25,000 so they can transfer you...
  14. nksmfamjp

    some for Azer's,..

    Oh, let me be clear my goal is not to get a refund. It is to make every money holding cue buyer aware of how this operation is run and crush his business until cues are made for paid buyers. Overseas buyers are paying Bebot ALOT for his cues compared to PI. He and his coworker robbed many...
  15. nksmfamjp

    Finally! Cues on planes

    I'm ok with knives too. Heck even guns in the right hands!
  16. nksmfamjp

    FS: brandnew 2012 Bebot Bautista Custom cues

    you gotten'd it dude!
  17. nksmfamjp

    Is Scott Lee any good?

    Well, it has been a little while since I worked with Scott and he may or may have not been an SPF instructor at the time. That said, Scott is always a gentleman in pool. That is a lot to say about someone in the pool world. He avoided conflict and all the back biting that can go on. He...
  18. nksmfamjp

    FS: Blackpearl

    What a wonderful original cue. Now. . .where is my $1300!
  19. nksmfamjp

    What does it take to get a JB Case ???

    Relax. John is a stand up guy. Try his email. Website: Email: Skype: jbideas I have reached him on all three. Not always on my timeline, but always got him. He did my case right down to the last detail.