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    your paying too much for cues

    Ok. So? I guess that’s true with everything, right? Except wine. I can’t drink cheap wine. Wish I could. It just sucks.
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    your paying too much for cues

    That’s one way to look at it, but I’ve learned to view things differently as I’ve gotten older and my disposable income has increased. When I started playing pool back in college I did exactly as you- found a good hitting cue at a value and didn’t think about owning a custom cue. Once I got...
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    International Open 9-Ball 2024, St. Augustine, FL, Nov. 18-22

    This is great news. I’m already booked for the Moscone dates but I will definitely catch some this action. I was actually in Jacksonville earlier this week and ate at an awesome steakhouse. It’s located near river walk in downtown Jax and a bit of a drive from St Augustine, but is well worth...
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    Pia Filler Makes History as First (and only) Female Pro on WNT

    She doesn’t use sex to sell pool….does that mean someone else does? If so who? I can only think of Jeanette Lee, and she was as capable ion the table as she is beautiful. Emily isn’t shy about her stunning looks and sharp looking outfits nor should she be, like Jeannette she has the chops first.
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    Sold Original George Balabushka 1960's Mint Condition with 3 Shafts Rare Leather Wrap LOA by Pete Tascarella Serious Buyers Only

    what’s the length? I’ve been looking for an old classic cue in the 59”-60” range.
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    Wood Shaft v CF

    Maybe for the guy you were talking to, but for us humans it probably isn’t as noticeable. But there’s no question humidity will affect the play of any shaft.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Maybe he’s talking about Aunt Bee. Hopefully the young version.
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    When do you play at your best?

    When no one is watching.
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    What would it cost to hire a (semi) pro?

    That’s what I was thinking. It would be funny to schedule pool lessons around the weather and tides.
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    What would it cost to hire a (semi) pro?

    $5,000 seems pretty reasonable, right? It’s gonna cost me double that to get rid of my wife for the week. And I can probably get a discount if it’s Shane, especially this time of year.
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    Current State of the Art Pool Table Lighting?

    I was recently visiting a kid in Tallahassee and snuck over to Zingales for some one pocket. They had a light like the one above. Never played under one before- but I really liked it.
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    Flu season

    I’m sick to death of the pollen down here. Last week I played in a golf tournament at lake Lanier north of Atlanta. Course was soaked but in Thursday it was beautiful- and no freaking pollen.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    No, but rum helps.
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    Cuemakers Taking Orders

    No idea how long his wait is these days, but Randy Mobley took my order, made my cue exactly how we discussed and finished right on time. Zero drama.
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    Student Union Pool

    My first year at FSU I joined a cheap ring game with 7-8 other guys from UAB, Clemson, UF and I think GT while waiting for a school hosted tournament to start. We were all thrown out for gambling so I never went back. Sounds like I might of missed something.
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    Arrested for Ivory sale

    When did this bam start? Sorry if someone already said this…
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    Arrested for Ivory sale

    So if I play with an almost 20 year old cue that has a decent amount of ivory in it, does that mean I can never sell it?
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    Where are you all from?

    I am Florida Man.
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    Where are you all from?

    Man, you got that right. Been going there for years and have seen the growth. They even have an awesome steak house next to an awesome cigar bar. I was there at 4-5 months ago and had an awesome meal, great wine and then walked around the back and had cigars. Mansfield is kicking.
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    C. J. Wiley - A Touch of Inside

    Maybe they’re actually Eskimo Brothers.