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  1. mair23

    European Pool News Dominating in Pool Media Headlines

    You are mostly correct, maldito, but......................... The Team events is back at the EUROPEAN CS, and this event hast some prize money for the players. I heared the first team got something arround U$ 8000,- for the whole team. And last but not least there are some countrys and...
  2. mair23

    My Southwest Cues

    Great Southwest collection and awesome pictures, too.:thumbup: Would love to get my hands on one of these ebony beauties. Eric"h" ----- triying to get threesomes, too
  3. mair23

    European Pool News Dominating in Pool Media Headlines

    There is no better way to say it, Jerry - perfectly written :thumbup: Let me be the first on here to give you a big hand for your commentary at the European Championships. If there would be more people with your enthusiasm and more commentarys with a voice like yours...
  4. mair23

    Jack Justis/Ross tooled case

    Looks like that could be my new case. ;) Awesome work again from Jack. Eric"h" ----- gator and ross tooling :rolleyes:
  5. mair23

    Jack Justis Black Gator cases

    Fantastic work from Jack - as allways. :thumbup: Eric"h" ----- still looking for a gator piece ;)
  6. mair23

    Show off cues with reverse points in the butt sleeve

    Just some other Cues with reverse points :thumbup: And all are Ebony ;) Ernie, Thomas and Richard
  7. mair23

    My SBE Pickups

    Wow, awesome pick up, Chris. :thumbup: I would have loved to be there and meet and talk with you again, and off course would have loved to test hit your new babys. ;) Both look marvelous and I am sure they play as good as they look, too. Interesting ferrule and taper on the Tucker shafts. Do...
  8. mair23

    Table of shafts this time...2/18/12

    Uuhhh, looks like you don´t know some of Tikklers pictures, do you ? Tikkler is an exceptionally gifted photographer, maybe the best out there, but of course one of the best. :thumbup: His light box made for cue pictures is awesome and he knows how to use his camera, too. Here are some examples...
  9. mair23

    ***Brand New Bill Schick Ebony & Ivory For Sale***

    WOW, WOW, WOW, can´t find any other words for this beauty.:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  10. mair23

    Table of shafts this time...2/18/12

    Thats a great question :rolleyes: I counted my way threw, and I think there are 47 in one row and 53 in the other row - yeap, 100 nice pieces of wire wood. ;) And as we can see many Black Boars, some ivory handle pieces, and for sure some Szambotis and Bushkas, I would say at least......... ...
  11. mair23

    On The Hill's Hercek Cue's Caps...

    Hi Jamie, we talked about the thing with you and troy, but I had trouble finding troy´s cus on, but maybe I am an old man with bad eyes, you know. ;) I had a hard time last year in different areas of my life, but I never stopped reading. Unfortunaly I will not have the time to...
  12. mair23

    On The Hill's Hercek Cue's Caps...

    That´s a gorgeous example of Joel´s work, and to make it even better you made the perfect jp´s for it. :thumbup: Great work, Alton - as allways. :grin: @troy and alton What happened to ? I loved to look at Troy´s cues, but I can´t find it anymore :frown: Eric"h" ----- would...
  13. mair23

    List of Living 200+ Runners

    Ok, I have some :grin: Was calling around for an hour and here are the secured high runs from Austrian Top Players for now. Maximilian Lechner - 296 Jürgen Jenisy - 210 Aslan Cetin - 215 Werner Duregger - 349 Alexander Wanner - 320 Some more are between 150 and 200, and some others I have to...
  14. mair23

    List of Living 200+ Runners

    Dear Steve ! Normaly I am only at AZ to look at cues in the gallerys and the wanted for sale forums, but this thread is awesome - great job. As I am from Vienna (Austria) I will try to help you verify some of the Austrian high runs over 200. And yes, I will only tell you the ones that where...
  15. mair23

    Joel Hercek Raffle Choose Between 2

    I think it´s down to 4, correct ;)
  16. mair23

    Joel Hercek Raffle Choose Between 2

    Raffle is nearly full :thumbup: Would be great to get your PM for the paypal adress. Eric"h" ----- takes it for free, too ;)
  17. mair23

    Winner's choice - Schick SP or Murray Tucker SP

    I will take numbers 6, 16 and 46 :thumbup: Eric"h" ------ loves these sixes
  18. mair23

    Update: Eric's TAD Cap

    The King of cap making toped himself again :thumbup: Awesome work, Alton and thanks for the chance to see them. Eric"h" ----- has to order some caps again :grin:
  19. mair23

    PFD Studios Ivory/Ebony/Silver and matching B/J

    Wow, thats some news, I really like that - "The Irwin Crown" :thumbup: Sounds realy great, and your taste and your whole set looks magnificent. Eric"h" ---- your rings are nicer then mines :(
  20. mair23

    PFD Studios Ivory/Ebony/Silver and matching B/J

    Awesome piece of Black and White Art. But it looks like my pfd was the starting point for your cue ;) Or let us say we are brothers now. Eric"h" ----- loves ebony and ivory