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  1. sjm

    Superman's downfalls ?

    Roberto Gomez is one of my favorite players. He always plays with great imagination and shows a lot of emotion at the table. He's friendly off the table, too, and finds a way to have fun. I recall that he borrowed Mike Massey's guitar and sang a song for about twenty of us in the hallway...
  2. sjm

    Small pockets ruining the game

    Yes, well said. If 3 7/8" will be the norm in 2024, there will be some time needed to adjust. The WNT used 4" pockets in every Matchroom-produced event in 2023. With equipment this difficult, as you suggest, there is really no need for the toughened break rules that were instituted in August...
  3. sjm

    Small pockets ruining the game

    Making the fairways on a golf course five yards wide instead of the more typical thirty and growing the rough high on every course would also make golf more challenging for the pros. It would also ruin the game of golf. The most important skill would become strength, as players would play the...
  4. sjm

    Memorial Day

    For those that sacrificed and, in so doing, built the foundation on which our freedoms are built, thank you.
  5. sjm

    Do you wear competition pool outfits? Thoughts?

    Have to agree. It robs the players of a chance to express themselves through their choice of wardrobe. As the snooker players have proven, one can shoot straight wearing almost anything, so let the players dress themselves, within a dress code established by the event producers. As others...
  6. sjm

    Buffalo's Billiards Pro One Pocket Classic 2024 May 21-26 New Orleans

    Sad to hear. Alex is one of the most charismatic players in the game and his presence adds a lot to any event. Of course, as in most lines of work, if you don't show up to work, you don't get paid.
  7. sjm

    Best and worst commentator??

    I prefer the term "golden break." As pool has become increasingly global, it makes sense to use terminology that applies to the king of all sports, football (known as soccer around here). It is in soccer games that reach overtime that the rules can mandate completion of the overtime period, in...
  8. sjm

    Too Many Cue Balls Chose…….Do You Have A Favorite?

    The measle ball is the best because it gives feedback. You will know whether you got the intended spin on the strike of the cue ball or not by watching the measles. An instructor or onlooker will be able to tell what stroke you used, as well.
  9. sjm

    Digital Pool no longer free!

    Digital Pool is an outstanding platform that continues to improve. Is there a thread somewhere about the new offerings within Digital Pool and what each level of membership provides?
  10. sjm

    Never forget Mike Lebron

    Much truth here. Pool was never going to get big because of the Vegas sports handle, but that handle would have grown and would have created more interest in pool than otherwise. Certainly, betting on snooker helped that sport. As you say, however, it is more about promotion, but even...
  11. sjm

    Never forget Mike Lebron

    No, it isn't. To compare it to other betting scandals is to miss the point. The Mirage had just opened and was trying to surpass its next-door neighbor, Caesar's Palace, in sports book handle. One way it tried to do this was by staging sporting events on its own premises, and the biggest...
  12. sjm

    SVB, Griffin, and Panozzo elected to 2024 Class of the BCA Hall of Fame

    Not a great idea, but thanks for the compliment.
  13. sjm

    SVB, Griffin, and Panozzo elected to 2024 Class of the BCA Hall of Fame

    Congrats to all these deserving inductees. Bravo! From my vantage point, Ga Young Kim is almost as obvious for induction as SVB, but I like the fact that they'll go in separately. Wonder whether this means Mike won't be the emcee during the Hall of Fame banquet.
  14. sjm

    Nick Varner

    Before my time. That would be around 1969, which was the year I first played pool. Jay Helfert and Island Drive would both know the story for sure.
  15. sjm

    Nick Varner

    Nick is the best all-around player in US History, narrowly edging Sigel, Lassiter and SVB. Nick has won a world title in each of 9-ball, straight pool, banks, 8-ball and 1-pocket. He is also a perfect gentleman that brings positive attention to our sport. Happy birthday Nick.
  16. sjm

    UK Too Slow

    Thanks for the clarification.
  17. sjm

    UK Too Slow

    This was the first major of the third year of the Matchroom Tour, so 9 on the spot is not deeply embedded in the game's history. Yes, at both the Mosconi Cup and the World Pool Masters, 9 on the spot was used to mirror conditions used on Euro-tour.
  18. sjm

    Scheduling conflict- Matchroom Hanoi Open and Reyes Cup clash with Predator World 8-Ball Championship

    Yes, very well said. There is a tricky tradeoff in play here. Taking major events to new countries helps grow the game in those countries by stimulating interest. This practice, in turn, should help the pro game gain new fans, but as you note, in the short-term, participants and potential...
  19. sjm

    UK Too Slow

    Hey Steve, hope you're well. You may be onto something here. Maybe Matchroom is trying to turn American pool into something more like snooker. I can't imagine either the fans or the players want it that way, but I always trust Matchroom's decisions when it comes to how to grow the pro game...
  20. sjm

    UK Too Slow

    It's only May, Colonel, but this will surely be a contender for best post of 2024. I think you have captured the essence of how many of us feel. The 9ball we saw at the UK Open was almost unrecognizable in some respects. Both 9ball and 10ball are, as you suggest, traditionally, games of fast...