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  1. tucson9ball

    SVB/Chohan Updates

    This is a bit behind, last score I saw was Shane up 14 to 12. Making a comeback today.
  2. tucson9ball


    Any updates on today's score?
  3. tucson9ball


    I saw most of the last match. Both these guys want to win and don't care how it looks for the spectators. This is for the $$$$$. They both play very deliberate and refuse to give up any mistakes. It does make for pretty boring pool but like I stated, they're both in it to win the $$$$$.
  4. tucson9ball

    This is why Fargorate Fails...

    I just looked up Kyle Hargis and his matches must have gone into the system. He is a 655 today. So, all you naysayers can see that Fargo has boosted his rating. Maybe the next big tourny will be a 660 and under and WOODSHAFT can say he is still sandbagging, LOL
  5. tucson9ball

    SVB vs Chohan 1P

    If they change to non-smoking for just 1 event, it will still smell like an ashtray in there. Some players just don't like it....
  6. tucson9ball

    Mosconi cup

    Cmon USA, would love to see Earl shoot lights out and really help this team :)
  7. tucson9ball

    For anyone that thinks Bergman can’t play anymore

    He was on cruise control. The guy he was playing is about a 660 Fargo. Doesn't matter if Berg is just running racks.... A great pool clinic for Bar Box 9 ball with a Magic Rack.
  8. tucson9ball

    Dennis Orcullo vs. Shane VanBoening Race to 120 for $50K rematch

    Shouldn't this match be going?
  9. tucson9ball

    12.7 Or 13.2

    I don't change cues very often. I bought a Schon w/ a 1st gen predator 314 shaft in 2006. I played with it until last year, I purchased a Predator Roadline w/ a Revo 12.4 shaft. I would say the deflection is very similar.
  10. tucson9ball

    BCM cues................

    Bryan had some extreme views on some political issues. I actually unfollowed him a while ago. Anyhoo, he does make good cues. Not sure why he would sell his business because of FB? There are other ways of selling.
  11. tucson9ball

    Home Pool Room Build - 9' Diamond Professional

    9 ft or 7 ft? might be a little close to the wall... I like the flooring.
  12. tucson9ball

    Is player A a nit if...

    Reminds me of years ago....this guy always wanted to play double or nothing once he was down $50 or so. Eventually he would win a game and then quit.... Why play a guy all night and be up $100 or even $200, just to lose it all in 1 game? Makes no sense. So, I would say Player A is not a NIT
  13. tucson9ball

    Upgrade to 9' Diamond?

    Buy the 9 ft Diamond and sell your current table. You will be happier.
  14. tucson9ball

    Grandpa’s pool table manufacturer/make?

    QJENN, The plastic on the pockets and the round diamonds look very similar to a Fisher table my folks bought in the late 60's. It was an 8ft with a one piece slate. Our old table did have a label on one end though, said Fisher Manufacturing or something like that....
  15. tucson9ball

    Is the Break Shot Overrated?

    That's a great clip Bob. I played a guy at the BCAPL Nationals a few years back that racked the 2/3 behind the 1 ball. The 2nd rack I called him on it and he seemed surprised. I told him he shot too well to not know the rule and to ask the referee. After him only protesting for a few seconds, he...
  16. tucson9ball

    Cue ball hook at the end of the shot???

    The spin could make it turn a tiny bit as it slowed down but if it was extreme, I would say it hit a speck of something on the table.
  17. tucson9ball

    Red Label Diamond vs Blue Label Diamond

    In gambling, if I can beat somebody on a blue label table, I can still beat them on a red. I would play on either of them, not a big difference. It would be a bigger deal going from new cloth to old. But the better player should still win.
  18. tucson9ball

    Do we still need different cue balls on tv?

    I have to agree with you, my TV showed the old colors just fine. As for the colors on those CYCLOPS things...grrr. The 1st tournament I played in I'm glad I showed up early to hit some balls. I had to look at the 6 and 7 to be sure which one I was shooting next. I'm pretty sure they were given...
  19. tucson9ball

    Is this the proper execution of this shot?

    If you want to follow, you hit the cue ball above center. There is no secret to it. Force follow is merely hitting it with more speed to get more follow. Trying to aim low and hit high sounds like somebody is messing with you.... For what it's worth, you have gotten responses from some good...
  20. tucson9ball

    Palmer USA cues on ebay

    Copied from the add... Red Palmer USA Pool Cue w/ Jabocy UltraPro Shaft Leather Wrap -19oz -Radial Pin What is a Jabocy?