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  1. Majic

    Hypothetical Question - What would you do?

    I always tell my opponents when they are shooting at the wrong ball in rotation... should I expect the same treatment?
  2. Majic

    AZ Billiards app

    hmmmmmmm.... try tapatalk
  3. Majic

    Racking VOLUNTEERS for Derby City Classic & US Open

    pay my expenses and I am in
  4. Majic

    Anyone here drive a motorcycle?

    not much............
  5. Majic

    Uneven cloth stretch

    Nevermind !!! I see another thread with my answer
  6. Majic

    Cue Components at it again

    2 of a kind in my book
  7. Majic

    Source for Moosehead Style Bridge Grommets?

    you can get an entire assembly for $1.95
  8. Majic

    Slide on and off cue weight? P Flemming..

    I am for anything that improves the game. If you ban this counterweight then you should make all cues the same length, weight ...etc...
  9. Majic

    Players touching the table with the tip of cue

    LOL :groucho::lmao::rotflmao1::lol::wave:
  10. Majic

    Yellow Phenolic Plastic Cue Ball ?

    I contacted Saluc several years ago about yellowing and they assured me it was normal occurrence with phenolic resin balls.
  11. Majic

    I just learned of a new pool hall that recently opened up in Greensboro NC

    I just called and they have not started a weekly tourney yet but have a monthly scheduled for July 8-9
  12. Majic

    Billiard Glasses

    thanks for the input. everyone's eyes are different and i am sure single visions will work for me.I am currently obtaining estimates from 4 opticians and received Gordon's estimate this morning. as of today he is high bidder.
  13. Majic

    Billiard Glasses

    thanks....have great day
  14. Majic

    Billiard Glasses

    I read you post B4 it was edited... some people have lives and do not come here everyday. perhaps if you want to get his attention a PM would work.
  15. Majic

    Billiard Glasses

    thank you....
  16. Majic

    Billiard Glasses

    maybe so. i have no tolerance for arrogant buttinskis
  17. Majic

    Billiard Glasses

    just mind your own business and refrain from stealing threads
  18. Majic

    Billiard Glasses

    i knew when you jumped on this thread it was going to end badly. so BTFO
  19. Majic

    Billiard Glasses

    the article looks more like a sales pitch