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  1. pool101

    What'd Shaw say after the Derby?

    Here is an interview I did with Greg several years ago talking about buy back vs double elimination and the money for master of the table (starts about 13 minute in..
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    Live PPV Coverage 2023 Derby City Classic #24 Jan 20-28 by Accu-Stats Video Productions

    If you are support or have any thing to do with the stream, this is terrible. or is there a support link somewhere?
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    YouTube TV and Billiard TV channel

    We have had Youtube tv for 2 years and love it. The DVR part is great, see something you like just add it to the library and you have 9 months of access when you want to watch it, also if it is in your library you can skip through the commercials.
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    John Brumback's "Bank Pool: Secrets of a World Champion" DVD

    You want the Bank Pool Secrets DVD for how to make banks, and the lesson DVD is more for when and why to play a shot.
  5. pool101

    How to remove water marks and stains from cloth

    Be careful about getting water under the rails, you do not want that. Flooding is not a good idea if it gets under the rails... . Otherwise I have used reverse osmosis water heat it up and add a very little liquid Woolite to clean my table and was able to blend spots and clean it overall.. Works...
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    Can anyone tell me about the DCC?

    Here is a video I did in 2014 walk through might give a little info.
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    Can anyone tell me about the DCC?

    One more advantage of entering an event as a player is you can get a pass for 1 guest with your entry, so if 2 of you are going one enter as a player and one is your guest.
  8. pool101

    Is SVB winning less tourneys since switching to cf?

    JJ just said on the Derby stream that the Shane said the cue he is using now is the best playing cue he has ever hit with. JJ said he hit some with it and loved it.
  9. pool101

    2022 DCC attendance

    You get in with your players badge, you can also get 1 guest a pass with your entry. I did not know that the first several years and was paying for the wife daily.
  10. pool101

    looking for a predator 314

    No sorry, all mine are radial.
  11. pool101

    looking for a predator 314

    I have a new, never hit, 314 2 , 30 inch, Radial pin $210 + shipping . I had bought 9 partials when they closed them out, Bill Hughes GR cues finished them. This is the last unhit one I have.
  12. pool101

    Small Town Pool

    The first time I was there, I thought I left a tough shot, the guy climbed up on the table and played the shot. I was like WTF, but as the yankee in their room, I said nothing... I was telling Nick Varner about it, he said a bridge salesman would have a rough go in KY. lol..
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    Small Town Pool

    I go here when we visit my in laws in Pleasureville KY., It was still open 2 years ago, pretty run down, mold on the walls. Locals are alright, played a few ring games with them.
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    What Does The 860 Stand For?

    Here is a video that I did with Greg Sullivan, about 7:50 he talks about 860.
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    If Pool Rooms/Bars Opened Monday 5/4/2020 , post Covid 19 would you come if.

    No, not going in for at least 6 weeks. We are locked down till end of May and even then I won't go. I see to many people who are, in my opinion, ill informed and not taking this serious. I think those that are opening are going to regret it in many ways.
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    15 ball speed pool videos?

    Try Bobby Mcgrath, he won a couple years speed pool.
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    who have you played

    Earl Strickland Johnny Archer Nick Varner John Brumback Little Mike Jason Klatt Sarah Rousey Mike Dunklin Rob Hart Ruslan Chinakhov Buddy Hall Ko Pin-chung And a few more I can't remember their names right now...
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    We are giving away a Diamond table on Wednesday

    Wow! Thanks to AZBilliards and Diamond Billiards for the new table! AZ is a great site for pool players and Diamond makes a great table. Just signed up for two more years. Thanks again! Mark
  19. pool101

    RIP Michael Andros...We'll miss you!

    RIP Michael, Condolences to his family and friends.