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  1. West Point 1987

    Contact Point Aiming Illusion

    I saw a YouTube video a few years back where a snooker instructor advocated a technique where when you're down on the shot, imagine the cue ball is attached to your tip and you plan to slide it forward to knock in the object ball, like shuffle board. It trains your mind to track the CB to the...
  2. West Point 1987

    Burnishing the tip

    I just realized how obscene that sounded. :(
  3. West Point 1987

    Burnishing the tip

    Same here...or any bill, for that matter. Been doing it that way for over 30 years with all types of tips. I wet the edge of the tip, wrap it in a bill and roll it on my thigh while pinching the sides of the tip. Doesn't take long at all.
  4. West Point 1987

    Best table...

    I bought a 9 foot pro-am with pockets shimmed to 4 3/8". Simonis 860, one piece slate. My only regret was the one piece can only be installed in a ground level room, so unless you have a huge walkout basement, it's likely going into the garage...or your living room, which will...
  5. West Point 1987

    Players of the past and their Fargo...

    There was a time when all the Filipino players considered him the best by the time he was getting videoed, he'd already declined. Most of his top form never got recorded. As for comparing generations, take Earl. He is a 773 today--and he still plays in a lot of tournaments. Not a...
  6. West Point 1987

    The Hustler > The Color of Money > ???

    Make a period piece about the rise and fall of Ralph Greenleaf, starring Casey Affleck. Cameos by Mosconi, Taberski, Crane, Titanic Thompson, Arnold Rothstein and a plethora of cons, crooks, big time gamblers, mobsters, showgirls, etc. Stream it on Netflix, Hulu or HBO Max. It writes itself.
  7. West Point 1987

    Largest Pool Halls in the USA?

    I love Breaktime! I shoot there everytime I come down to see friends (2-3 times per year). I hope you're planning to add some more 9 footers...:)
  8. West Point 1987

    How do you picture the forum members looking like, if you have not met them?

    About 2014 at the U.S. Ambassador's residence in London (I was an attache)...still look the same, just a tad more gray. :)
  9. West Point 1987

    MOSCONI CUP 2023 AZB Watch Party / Master Thread

    The one difference I noticed is that Europe has their whole team seated behind whomever is shooting a match...USA has some, but not all. Shane tends to follow his matches with going straight to the practice table--it's his process. And it's not worked in the MC for him. If I were JJ, I'd...
  10. West Point 1987

    Brunswick Joss Or Not

    I remember one that was an anniversary cue for Brunswick that had CNC points, but was a really beautiful Hoppe cue. Came with a commemorative case, too.
  11. West Point 1987

    Historical West Point Connections

    I personally like the West Point connection. :) No German, French or Japanese, but I do speak Greek. Every company day room had a Brunswick 9 footer when I was there, where I spent all my meager spare time. Who was the article talking about?
  12. West Point 1987

    John Barton us open ban

    I taught my son the Irish Kiss when he was 2 years old...thought it was funny until a while later we were at a family gathering and his grandpa was holding him and said, "let's have a kiss"...
  13. West Point 1987

    Billiard Slates

    I'm intrigued by the idea of a lighter weight slate material...that would allow table installation in houses in rooms that wouldn't handle the weight of a normal table...perhaps made of phenolic resin or some hybrid dyamondwood/carbon fiber type material. The down side would be the lighter...
  14. West Point 1987

    One thing Color of Money got right

    Yeah, I think everybody here missed the punchline in that quote. It's not that he could make money playing video/arcade games, but that the skill would get him into West Point and a lucrative military career. (Not sure about the lucrative part, though!)
  15. West Point 1987

    Showing your work.

    I think he does, but not sure how far...I know he's set up tables in NC recently...
  16. West Point 1987

    Showing your work.

    Fair enough! DC area, Matt Sniper Suite from Mechanicsville, MD.
  17. West Point 1987

    Showing your work.

    Just had my Diamond Pro Am recovered...I went to my favorite room that has Pro Ams and asked them who does their tables. The owner is a guy who's judgement I trust. They came by and did a phenomenal job. No photos or testimonials, I saw their work up close on the tables I play on regularly...
  18. West Point 1987

    Diamond table how much did you pay thread..

    $6,600 delivered new by Diamond for a 9 foot Pro-Am, cherry finished oak...with pocket shimmed 1/8 of an inch. That was in 2015, and I just had it recovered with Simonis 860 for the first re-covering. I think I waited about 7 months. I'm still playing almost daily on it. Great investment.
  19. West Point 1987

    Mr. Strickland Goes to Philippines

    He "pins" the shot, striking downward connecting with the top of the tip, even with follow. Lots of old timers did that, especially with choked up strokes and a plunging tip from a pendulum swing. Almost no one today does that worked better on worsted wool cloth back in the day...
  20. West Point 1987

    What are you cleaning your cloth with?

    A damp microfiber towel dragged across the surface (light to no pressure) followed by a a Simonis X1 tool (also light/no pressure)...after every session. Diamond recommends using a vacuum, but I find it doesn't do as well.