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    IQ Custom Cue Full Splice New wrapless

    How much does the butt weigh?
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    Sold NEW Unchalked/Unplayed Joss Sneaky Pete Cocobolo

    How much does the butt weigh with no bolt?
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    Sold Custom Merry Widow By Ron Betts LOWER PRICE

    Would you retaper the shaft to 12.75mm if I bought it? What tip is that? Thanks
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    Sold 🎈🎈Phillippi Cocobolo Merry Widow🎈🎈

    Does the butt weigh 14.3? Your ad says 4.3. Can you compare the playability of Philippi cues to another custom maker?
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    Sold Jerico (Jerry Powers) True Sneaky Pete

    Does it have a removable weight bolt in it. I like 19 or under
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    Sold Josey Sneaky Pete

    Is 450 including shipping to NYC?
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    Sold Brent Summers Custom Cue (radial pin) Open to Possible Trade

    What is the shaft mm? How much does the butt weigh?
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    I can't see the 3/8 10 pin in the photos
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    Sold Hsunami Shaft For Sale

    Radial, 3/10 etc? What kind of pin?
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    Lew Stone wrapless ebony plain-jane.

    What is the weight of the butt? Mms of shafts?
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    Andy Gilbert

    Do all the the rings line up straight?
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    Sold Mezz AXI 155

    What is the butt weight?
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    Pending Sale, Local

    Would you ship it?
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    Mike Stacey - BEM into BEM (6-pointer)

    Does it weigh about 13.8 without the bolts?
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    $$$$$$--Dufferin conversion to a schon joint--$$$$$$

    Nice. Are the points pretty even. The point in the photo looks strange at the top
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    Mike Stacey - BEM into BEM (6-pointer)

    Is there a weightbolt in it? How much does it weigh without?
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    Sold Dominiak Curly maple & bocote cue W/ Predator Z3

    His name is spelled Dominiak.
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    Sold Dominiak Curly maple & bocote cue W/ Predator Z3

    Can you make it 14.6 by adding .5? Is all the bocote inlays nicely matched?
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    Sold Mezz Axi 155

    What weight is the butt? Is there a weight bolt in it? Is it wavy or united pin?
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    Predator 314-3 shaft

    The tip can be taken down. A pro should do it