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  1. Salamander

    Scott the Shot Smith RIP

    He was a virtual encyclopedia of pool. He knew all the players past and present. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him over the course of an evening a few months ago listening to stories of his gambling exploits and observations of the legends of the game. He was present during at least...
  2. Salamander

    Sold Black It's George 2x4 cue case

    I'll take it if still available
  3. Salamander


    The Runde 99 was owned by my good friend barryc on this forum, who sadly passed away a few years ago. Barry owned about 20 Runde's and this particular cue played better than most of the others. The balance, as you mentioned was weighted dead neutral around 19.5 oz. as I recall. He let me play...
  4. Salamander

    Does a Firmer Grip Maximize or Diminish Feel and Touch for the Cueball?

    That's not what I am saying at all. I would not call Bustimante or Reyes timid, and they both hold the cue losely/lightly. The have what I consider a power game but with lightness, finesse, and touch. There is nothing timid about their games. I think you confuse my idea of a loose/light grip as...
  5. Salamander

    Does a Firmer Grip Maximize or Diminish Feel and Touch for the Cueball?

    Gripping anything tightly/firmly equates to tension, imo. Tension creates restrictions by opposing muscle groups. Try playing Tennis, Golf, or Baseball with a tight grip and see how far you get. I must admit that my favorite player Buddy Hall seems to have a death grip on the cue. I would...
  6. Salamander

    Any idea on cue maker?

    Eddie Anderson cue. There are pictures of this very cue on web.....
  7. Salamander

    Rick Spurio-Denver player

    I'm sorry to hear this. Rick loved one pocket and was an excellent player. I learned how to play the game by donating to the Spurio one pocket fund when playing at Table Steaks. I had no idea he was sick.
  8. Salamander

    3C near Colorado Springs CO

    I just happen you see your post, even though I do not play 3c. I noticed Colorado Springs in your post. Anyway, Antique Billiards here in Colorado Springs has 2 3c tables. I believe they are 10 footers. I'm told that they play rather slow for 3c. There are several people that play 3c...
  9. Salamander

    cue value

    No, but some Earl Strickland type butt weights might have done the trick. :grin:
  10. Salamander

    cue value

    It was a really nice cue Ted. The guy I sold it to was thrilled with it. It was around that time that I quit buying and selling pool much buying high and selling low. Best.
  11. Salamander

    cue value

    I had one that I tried selling several years ago, no inlays. Tried to get $600 with no success. I liked the way it played but it was too light for me, otherwise would have kept it. Ended up selling locally. I've found that players either love the way they play, or dislike them (the shaft...
  12. Salamander

    Revo Revo revo, part 2

    Don't you have to hollow out the business end of that shaft and then fill with foam to approach the low deflection properties of the revo?
  13. Salamander

    Price feeler for SW

    Sounds like a 9 pointer. I would think that they are worth more than 6 pointers since you don't see as many of them around, but I'm not sure. I can't tell from your post what wood is in the forearm or nose of the cue. Purpleheart or Ebony will sell for more than maple. I'm guessing $4500...
  14. Salamander

    Linen, Leather, or no-wrap?

    That what I like. Take nicely pressed irish linen and and periodically use wax paper to give make it slightly tacky. This combination absorbs sweat yet allows you to grip the cue. I personally dislike any hide wraps of any kind. Wrapless is ok in some situations, but in damp conditions is...
  15. Salamander

    Don't know if I'll ever run a hundred!

    The first 100 is hard. You are at that level where you are probably running 3 or 4 racks regularly. But various limitation in your game are holding you back....fundamentals, rhythm, shot-making, pattern play, table, who knows???. Video tape yourself and self critique, be honest about your...
  16. Salamander

    Would you call this great condition?

    Greg, I've done business with you and it went fine. But the very tone of this post with its name calling is beneath you. You offer of total refund was of course within normal bounds of decent business practice. However, it was obvious that the cue was not in "great condition" as advertised...
  17. Salamander

    Would you call this great condition?

    People that sell cues online should read this and take notes. Unfortunately, many people on this forum don't get it. Excellent post RJ
  18. Salamander

    'Hanks" pool room Wheatridge Co. closing

    Great fond memories of the family fun center, and then Paradise billiards. Never went into Hanks but maybe once or twice. The Family fun center, although a good players room, was always 2nd to Table Steaks in terms of action, in my opinion. Although, since they were down the road from each...
  19. Salamander

    Anybody else having issues with Jim Pierce?

    At the bottom of my post is a link that details my problems with Jim Pierce....enjoy.....