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  1. spanky79

    Steve Mizerak poster

    I am looking for a Steve Mizerak poster or an image that is more than 4 megapixles that I can have made into a poster.
  2. spanky79

    any clue what this is?

    lol, yes i know. i was outside and couldn't see the screen to double check it. the gentelman that owns the cue didn't know.muc. i figured i would find some infor here. thanks to all for thr info provided.
  3. spanky79

    any clue what this is?

    yes, that is it. any more info would be great.
  4. spanky79

    any clue what this is?

    pics came out very blurry. any help would be great.
  5. spanky79

    any clue what this is?

    a guy I know showed me this cue. i thought I would trt and get some information on this cue. old brass joint. stamped, made in Portugal.
  6. spanky79

    PPV - Jan 20-28th Aramith Action Room 2017 Derby City Classic

    Am i the only one freezing.
  7. spanky79

    OB break cue

    link posted to pics
  8. spanky79

    OB break cue

    I have an OB break cue in like new condition. If interested PM me with offers, joint protectors
  9. spanky79

    PPV Jan 21-30 Derby City Classic Action Room

    Is the stream down? I cant get on
  10. spanky79

    DCC BigFoot Match Updates

    he is payed very well to play with that cue, Just goes to show you, you dont always need a high brand name or fancy ring work to play good.
  11. spanky79

    PPV Jan 21-30 Derby City Classic Action Room

    this is Derby, everyone know the first few days all the real players are in the tourneys. the best action is always the last few days
  12. spanky79

    looking for a 3/8 10 pin sneaky.

    I am looking for a 3/8 10 pin sneaky that I can put a shaft on. I prefer no wrap. I will consider cue with shaft. looking to stay under $200If you have anything please either post here or pm me. I have paypal.
  13. spanky79

    Mosconi Cup USA Selection changed.

    some guys went to china, cant be at derby terrible way to get points with conflicting events
  14. spanky79

    Is Scott Frost over-rated?

    spotting? there was no spot
  15. spanky79

    Is Scott Frost over-rated?

    I was there that night a ALEX straight up tortured Scott. It was just sad. I was told how much money Scott and his crew has on them and trust me they could of played another set. But after what Alex did to him Scott just walked away. I would love to see that match up again. But I must say, I...
  16. spanky79

    Is Scott Frost over-rated?

    All I can say is this. Efren is the best to ever pick up a cue and the best one pocket player EVER. Yes Efren is older now and if Scott have to go hill hill to beat him now imagine what would have happen against the 15 years ago Efren. With that being said I watch Scott make one of the best...
  17. spanky79

    Earl Crushes Morra in 9-Ball

    gota love the Earl haters. I would be better my life on Earl. Everyone want to make excuses why Earl won and why John played bad. He played bad because he had Earl putting pressure on his ass.
  18. spanky79

    Richie Richeson vs. Scott Frost

    This is a match we all would of loved to see. of course that cant happen. All I know is it is hard to think anyone ever played the game better then Efren. I am looking forward to this one pocket event. I hope the old guy Efren snaps off the youngsters.
  19. spanky79

    Not a real big deal but I was disappointed in the commentary

    Wyche is horrible and always has been. He called the wrong shot more times then I can count. The other guys where not much better. At times I had to hit the mute button. Some of the shots he was calling made me laugh they where so bad.
  20. spanky79

    Karl Boyes talking crap

    And he got carried by Daz. Karl left Daz tough so many times I cant count. They should of just let Niels and Daz play one on one. It would of been a much better match.