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  1. tiger37373

    3 Cushion table - 10ft - Hollywood brand for sale

    Interested in one table. Please get in touch with me.
  2. tiger37373

    Sold Jimar Europa carom billiard table

    Table is still available if anyone is interested.
  3. tiger37373

    Jimar table
  4. tiger37373

    New carom tables?
  5. tiger37373

    Sold Jimar Europa carom billiard table

    In Pooler, Near Savannah, Georgia
  6. tiger37373

    Sold Jimar Europa carom billiard table

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling my Jimar Europa heated billiard table, located near Savannah, GA, as well as, everything else in my room. If you want the whole package, $4900 The accessories, chairs etc. alone, would cost you close to $4000 to purchase new. This setup is more than fairly priced. Just...
  7. tiger37373

    Jimar table

    Table and everything is sold. Thinking about selling my Jimar Europa and everything else in my home setup. Only about 4 years old. Not sure if there's anyone out there that's looking for such a thing. I'm near Savannah, GA. Listed in for sale section on az.
  8. tiger37373

    for sale D&K Electronic Scoreboard

    I sent you a private message.
  9. tiger37373

    UCMB "Mexican" ball set by Diamond

    Pretty cool. I'd take a set...
  10. tiger37373

    3-Cushion USA presents the 2nd Annual Summer Shootout!

    I'm looking forward to this event. We had a great time last year. Love the handicapping system, it gives the feeling that you have chance to advance in the tournament.
  11. tiger37373

    Dyna sphere billiard balls

    Try contacting Mazin Shooni, they just used them at the tournaments in Tucson.
  12. tiger37373

    Madison Livestream?

    I really liked the video. It was nice to be able to see all the action. The quality was quite good considering you were streaming four tables. They must have a really good connection there! It would be real icing on the cake, if you added the aforementioned pip of the scores.
  13. tiger37373

    10ft. Brunswick Gold Crown Carom Table

    Someone will probably ask what the slate thickness is. 1" or 1.5"? Looks like a nice older table for someone, in any case, good luck.
  14. tiger37373

    3CushionUSA Lawrenceville, Kansas Tourney

  15. tiger37373

    3CushionUSA Lawrenceville, Kansas Tourney

    Is this a single table tourney?
  16. tiger37373

    3-Cushion USA presents the Summer Shootout!

    3C usa I love the 3 cushion USA, handicapped format and I think everyone that participated had a great time. With the opportunity to play with some of the best players in the game and actually have a chance to win it made for an amazing experience. I made it to the FINALS! That's never...
  17. tiger37373

    3-Cushion Summer Shoot-Out

    Looking forward to it!
  18. tiger37373

    New Jimar 10' carom table for sale

    Additional info about these tables, links to pictures of the install, etc. I have had mine for nearly two years now. Very happy.
  19. tiger37373

    "3-Cushion USA" Handicap Tournament

    It's due time, for a change. The tournament format looks great. If I could manage the week off from work, I'd come and support the tourney. Best of Luck Mazin!