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    Mezz Cues

    I use HybridPro shaft with Joss butt.I used EC series butt,but with Joss i got more feedback and balance is better for me.Great accuracy but demanding when come to technique,or is it just me?;) Im wondering how Alpha shaft is working comparing to Hybrid. Unfortunatly i cannot even dream to try...
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    Looking for 3-4 pieces of nice leather wrpas

    As in title, it would be great to find ring tail lizard/python skins and some regular,printed pig skin in brown/black. Shipping to Poland :)
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    Playing while you are tired

    I know this situation more than well.In my area there is a Grand Prix invitational tournament,so far i played in 4 tournaments and i always get to the semis,but later.......STAMINA STAMINA.After many hours of playing at high concentration in pool room full of cigarete smoke im complete...
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    Nearest Poland Predator shaft repair service,WHERE ?!!

    Hi,yesterday my friend broke his ferrule during drawing training !!!He called to someone who sells these shafts in poland just to find out that for now nobody cant fix it.Its a bit strange to me,what is so hard in this,i've changed many ferrules over the years,is it the foam thing that makes...
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    watch it and grade it ;-)

    logyz,player in black/white polo shirt is actually polish amateur champion and as you can see on that vid,he is also bigest amateur champion so far;) Jay is right about the floor but like my buddy wrote,its endless work to cleane it everyday from beer and peanuts,and yes most of the ball sets...
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    watch it and grade it ;-)

    any comments are more than welcome,feel free to point any bad habbits or anything.Poland far back in this sport,we dont hae any instructors,help us to improve our game :) Im not on this video,so feel free to post your thoughts about this vid :D
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    WTB leather wrap

    I want to customize my cue and i nee some really decent looking leatrher on it.I already removed linen wrap and instaled some leather on it but its not so nice looking as i want it to be. I need some light color leather,PM with offers
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    World 14.1 Updates

    on PZBil site (Polish Billiard governing body) there is info about strange behavior of Archer.Radek Babica sent CB to the pocket and right after that he took CB from pocket and gave it to Archer.Archer complained to the referee that Babica broke some rule and referee decide to took 15 points...
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    How to change pin in used cue

    Hi I really love Meucci "Giant Slayer" cue,but at the same time i hate to play with this cue.Meucci shafts are so odd.Greatest hitting shaft for me iz Mezz HybridPro,this shaft suits me very well Thats why im writing in this section,Mezz is 5/16*14 and Meucci is using another pin type,im...
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    dragon 14.1 who is entered

    Radek Babica from Poland get his invitation not so long ago Last year he beated few very decent players Watch out for him:P
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    FS: Two Cues & Case

    How about shipping to Canada? Im still want to buy Henshaw cue:)
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    FS: Two Cues & Case

    i wanna buy James Henshaw cue,i sent PM about it to you
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    FS: Two Cues & Case

    PM sent :)
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    Better than the new Moori???

    for 23layerd Hercules is the best choice.Moori after monthe need to be reshape and what more annoying its mushrooming a lot,also feedback is a little blured,thats why i went to Hercules.They hit much harder but sipns CB a bit more than Moori.They are made from a different leather.Its hard to...
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    Is changing butt weight will change cue balance?

    thx for the replays,i know it obvoius that changing the balance,but if this screw is long and thin it will affect balance a bit less than thick and short screw right?cue have maple above the wrap and ebony+lots of ivory at the bottom,its also have influence on balance,ebony is heavier,right?If...
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    Is changing butt weight will change cue balance?

    Hello yesterday my friend was very unfatisfied with his Schon LTD+OB1 shaft,cue become to heavy with this shaft(overall Schon weight with original cue is 21)and he couldent hit as he wanted to.I grabed his cue and i had to admit that this lies very strange in my hand too.I switched OB1 to Mezz...
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    Difference betwen Mezz WD700 and Hybrid shafts?

    ANyone knows the real difference betwen those two shafts from MEzz? i mean difference in playability,not marketing crap about technologies from Mars ;)
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    Jeanette Lee Straight Pool video

    i never saw Jeanette playing straight pool,i can see that she can play that game but man.... her speed at the table in that game is.... she realy awesome but i would kill her anyway for that slow play.Its unbeliveble :)
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    Pool Rooms Locker that are rented

    35 lockers approx 15$/year,i can put there 2 2x4 cases and some powder etc