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    Jacoby BlaCk Carbon Fiber Shaft

    I might be wrong, like I said, I have never tested them specifically for deflection and actually didn't get to spend a lot of time with Revo, only a couple of racks. So it is just my personal observation. Also, some people love the Kamui Clear Tan Soft that comes with the Black, I simply hated...
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    Jacoby BlaCk Carbon Fiber Shaft

    I have the regular Jacoby Edge Hybrid that came with my cue, I have never did a deflection test or anything I usually just go for the feeling. I am pretty sure they are about the same in the means of deflection but Black felt way more pure. Like I am able to adjust my speed way better because of...
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    Jacoby BlaCk Carbon Fiber Shaft

    I got a Black shaft about a month ago. I still have mixed feelings about it. I was mainly playing on a bar box because of my league and friends when I got the shaft and it simply felt fantastic, I had so much control over the cue ball with no effort. I automatically thought I am not going back...
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    lost my cool.....and my match

    I just left my team because of this reason. I always show up early, set tables, warm up, even push my teammates to shoot with me couple of hours before, I keep score, I am always easy going nice guy.. AND I ask for 1 thing and 1 thing only from my teammeates; Do not talk to me during my game...