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    I would get a diamond professional. Gold crown look with all new wood.
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    Buy diamond. Buy once cry once
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    Rasson table for World Championships........................

    I think for the TV table nothing finer than a paragon. Beautiful table. I wouldn't mind seeing some professionals in the mix either. The pro am is a damn tank though that much is for certain.
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    Shaw on 434 live now

    Simply insane. This is so difficult. I am jealous I can't run two racks lmao.
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    1000 Ball Run

    Shaw is going to do it just for the glory.
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    Best table...

    I would go diamond professional (drop pockets). I have a pro am (ball return) and have to polish my balls often. They are built like tanks. Only other thing I wish I would have done is go 4 1/8th rather than 4.5 pro cuts that's a personal thing though.
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    Kamui Tips

    I have a kamue SS clear on my league player (meucci) and I love it. Tons of layers and for me it keeps shape well if I am chalking correctly each shot. I am bad at this and usually go a full rack at home before chalking again. If I play a lot at home I have to reshape every few weeks but it's so...
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    JacobyBlack V4.

    Oh I agree def a difference in LD vs SD. However, asking like the one member did the deflection differences between your new shaft and the Revo you would need a robotic test to really tell imho. That's all I am saying.
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    JacobyBlack V4.

    I am talking about deflection not feel or feedback.
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    JacobyBlack V4.

    You would need a robotic arm to tell.
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    Anyone bought the aramith 100's?

    750.00 is just way too high for me. That's like 6 sets of dynaspheres. It does sound like the compound is different and I am excited to see this roll out into their duramith sets.
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    Seal a CF Shaft

    You shouldn't have residue from CF.
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    So Why Do I Find Myself Looking at Meuccis?

    I really like my meucci with a 30 inch pro shaft. The hit is softer than most but very controlled. The hit is very smooth nice sound. Shaft doesn't feel hollow but it's def low deflection. I can still draw full table if I do my part. It's the cue I played the most matches with and it's the...
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    860HR availability??

    Just fyi they have a bad batch going around certain serial run. Fuzzy cloth. I would confirm the serial before buying I have seen some for sale recently.
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    Best tip for bk rush?

    As others have stated work on stroke and dial power down. No tip change needed imo
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    Best Billiard Balls

    YMMV I guess but I can def notice a difference. Go a full month before needing to throw em in the polisher aramith sets half that.
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    Best Billiard Balls

    You will notice over time they stay much cleaner than the aramith's.
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    Mezz cue with Rhino CF Shaft

    That's just your butt saying it's time to go back to wood. Mezz makes amazing wood shafts.
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    Your favorite pin & why?

    Mezz United than Uni loc ® radial.
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    Super Billiards Expo just 8.5 weeks away!

    Is this where a shit load of rare cues get sold?