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  1. BeachBum2012

    Cohen Cue made for jmurphy

    Looking good.
  2. BeachBum2012

    how are ya'll doing in league ?

    Just starting the new APA season. I think it may be my last before switching to the BCA. I played well, lost by 4 balls to a guy that I'm fairly evenly matched with. I got him last time. He came two 9 balls from having 3 break and runs on me. I couldn't find my break until the end. Came...
  3. BeachBum2012

    Figured/Curly purpleheart

    Beautiful. I want to have a cue made from Curly Purpleheart, Ebony and Hickory Burl. Just beautiful woods.
  4. BeachBum2012

    How Would You Run These Balls?

    I'm with you on this. I like this better than hiding the 1 in the cluster. If the 1 is in the cluster rather than the white, I'm less likely to have a good shot on 1 when I get back to the table. Just thin the 1 softly of the rail and park the white behind the 6. The 1 only needs to roll out...
  5. BeachBum2012

    Why do they still have the stupid unfair break rule at World Cup?

    That shot on the 2 was great. Fun match to watch. Got completely screwed on the breaks though. That final one would have been legal but the white came back and bumped the 7, I think, as it was heading towards the line.
  6. BeachBum2012

    Shane and Earl up at World Cup of Pool

    I spoke way too soon there. Earl tanked it there at the end. I'm happy to see he was able to keep his composure and stick it out though. Shane might be just enough of a calming factor to keep Earl from exploding.
  7. BeachBum2012

    Shane and Earl up at World Cup of Pool

    It doesn't even look fair at this point. Earl had a couple of slight errors early, but they're both on fire right now.
  8. BeachBum2012

    You know you're addicted to pool when....

    I was trying to figure out how to do this the other day on one of the printing websites. Where did you get yours?
  9. BeachBum2012

    You know you're addicted to pool when....

    ...when you pull your $1000 cue out of your $500 case and complain about the $8 drink you just bought at the bar. ...when the whiteboard in your office illustrates the last shape you missed. ...when all of your pants have blue stains at the left pocket.
  10. BeachBum2012

    JB Cases Closed. - for two weeks.

    Good luck with the move. I'm not in a big hurry, but hadn't heard back about my e-mail. I'd be happy to wait until you get settled a bit.
  11. BeachBum2012

    You know you're addicted to pool when....

    I just did this. Not much around Laughlin.
  12. BeachBum2012

    World cup of pool table 4.25

    Just got it started up on my phone as its blocked at work. I must say, even on my phone, the video is fantastic. The commentary sounds quite good as well.
  13. BeachBum2012

    WTH is wrong with the last 2 balls that they can't go in???

    This is what helped me with this problem. I just play the 9 for an easy position somewhere on the table and it keeps me from getting complacent.
  14. BeachBum2012

    World Cup of Pool Predictions

    I like your picks of Germany, Holland, USA, and Philippines but will guess that its Germany and the Philippines in the finals. I'd love to see Shane go all the way, but I'm not so sure Earl can keep his cool long enough.
  15. BeachBum2012

    Different cues for different tables?

    I do something similar for my league play. The majority of my matches are on a diamond table with simonis cloth and I use a z2 shaft with a 12 millimeter tip. On the valley tables I switch to a 314 shaft with a 13 mm. The 314 shaft is also about a half ounce heavier. I feel like I have a little...
  16. BeachBum2012

    :: 2014 @ Shanghai - Cue Collector Forum China :: Pics Galore...

    Very cool. A lot of beautiful cues. The detail in the ring work on the winner is awesome.
  17. BeachBum2012

    Four beauties ( AE,NITTI,MURRELL,SCRUGGS)

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing those in process photos.
  18. BeachBum2012

    whats in your case??

    I certainly do. Might be a bit tough to get a hold of at times, but he makes a fantastic case.
  19. BeachBum2012

    I haven't posted for a while. I'll leave a little treat here...

    They're all beautiful. I agree with the others though. The one natural veneer makes the 3rd and 4th contrast really well.
  20. BeachBum2012

    whats in your case??

    JB Tactical Cue Case Eddie Cohen Player and Break McDermott spare cue for my team I