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    Custom cue

    Does anyone know of a cue builder named, Haro? TIA Eddie
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    Mike Sigel Cues

    What are the identifying marks on his custom vs production model? Eddie
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    Installing quick release pin with alignment barrel

    What size pin and thread count does a standard Uniloc pin have?
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    The other cue in The Color Of Money

    Do you know what cue Paul played with, after he gave the Balabushka to Eddie?
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    Lots of APA Drama Lately

    Yep. Definitely taught in martial arts
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    Valley table cushion.

    I need a k-55 plus a green rail cloth for a 7' Dynamo table if an extra to sell . Eddie
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    rail cushions

    I'm trying to find a single rail cushion for 7' valley dynamo pool table. Eddie
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    Faster cloth on 7 footer

    What cloth do you think would be the best to use in a non-climate-controlled garage?
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    My first tip install

    very nice!
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    Moving a 3 piece slate pool table

    Thanks buck... That helps
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    Moving a 3 piece slate pool table

    Optional? I'm assuming using paper and superglue isn't a common practice for most table mechanics, or do you prefer doing it that way? When you say, paper, I'm thinking something like a few pieces of a manilla envelope, and slow-drying super glue.
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    Finally added an Adam to the collection

    nice cue... where the heck do you live? I'd like to take a gander around your town
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    Moving a 3 piece slate pool table

    Periodically I have to move a 3-piece 8' pool table across the room approximately 6'-7'. Suggestions for an initial setup that will minimize the amount of table shifting while moving? Eddie
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    Your choice of cloth

    Thanks guys for all of the information... certainly helps me to feel comfortable making a decision.
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    Your choice of cloth

    Thanks Sheldon.. I think that's what I'm going with. Certainly more cost-efficient.
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    Your choice of cloth

    Thanks Steve.
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    Your choice of cloth

    has anyone tried Proline? If so for any length of time to critique the durability or how it plays? Eddie
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    JUMP SHOT Stance, Bridge, and Stroke Variations Useful to Know

    Great video Dave. Some valuable info.
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    8 foot or 9 foot cloth?

    are 7' 3pc. slate tables considered to be"oversized" 7'?