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    APA sudden death question. I'm confused.

    If the teams are in Sudden Death then you went over the time limit. Sudden death match is 2 points (and individual match win) for first rack with the 2nd rack being worth 1 point. That applies to all sudden death 8 balls matches. Being the teams were tied in the final (5th) match then the team...
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    advice for hitting this draw shot?

    Neils Feijen has a nice progressive draw drill you should try.
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    APA 8 Ball Question

    Yes a few times, multiple clean sweeps as it's referred too. Can't say what the intention was of your circumstance but it happens legitimately at times. Not very rare.
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    Fedor G. drill..............

    Excellent drill, Fedor is a beast. Niels F has the same drill on his channel.
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    Pac12 championship Dec2 and Raiders Dec 4 playing that weekend, among other smaller events
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    Easy 8B puzzle! ( taken from a real match )

    Didn't read the other replies, if for some reason I wasn't comfortable with moving the 8 then I'm playing safe with the 5 ball and tucking the cb as close to the 6 as I can. The 5 would be down table which would allow me to play short side position easier. I do like the safe option but would...
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    Seybert shipping....buyer beware

    Sign up for UPS my choice 20$ a year and can change delivery location. If it's signature required then if you aren't home they may drop it off the next day at a UPS location. My UPS drops all sig required packages off the next day at a UPS location if I'm not home, no cost.
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    APA rule help

    Touching the cb is bih, the to is moot since it was already bih. It's not loss of game or match.
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    Aim With What?

    Holy hell Batman Eyes, so that’s the secret
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    How do I train myself to avoid dropping my elbow

    There is a training aid available for purchase at Pooldawg I believe that will prevent your arm/elbow from dropping. Believe Tom Simpson may have designed it, maybe not. May be worth looking into it. You can also use different devices available around the house that can support arm. This may...
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    I just skimmed through a lot of the comments and mistakenly thought the 8ths mentioned were 8ths of an inch (1/8" ). So to clarify if a ball had 8th inch marks encircling it there would 56.5 marks for a 2 1/4" ball, doesn't work as well as mm.
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    56.48 1/8s around a pool ball and 14.12 per 90 degrees. 1.26 64ths per degree on the ball Rounding up
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    pool around Williamsburg VA

    You have the corner pocket in Williamsburg 4805 Courthouse St 23188 Newport News Peninsula Billiards 10820 Warwick Blvd, 22 new diamond bar boxes and 4 new diamond 9' tables. Newport News Pocket Billiards 10539 Jefferson Ave 3 bb? and 5? 9' tables. Peninsula Billiards has leagues during the...
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    APA Question???

    Once an eligible player (coach, captain,teammate) calls a time out then it is used. Regardless if the player immediately shoots, refuses, does not discuss the situation, doesn't matter the timeout is burnt. Page 28 c,d, and e in the rule book. Several people already answered the question correctly.
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    YOU MAKE THE CALL – Are These Pro Shots Fouls or Not?

    Yes Dave I have a do try to spot balls based off video, and did so with this shot as well. Was able to recreate the shot almost exactly as the video, however my cloth is old and slower and my rails aren't as hot as the ones on the tv table. So the I miss the 6/9 contact, the 9 just passes above...
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    YOU MAKE THE CALL – Are These Pro Shots Fouls or Not?

    Dave, I watched your recreatios, all of them the 9 ball contacted the 6. The Filler shot the 6 ball is not moved by the 9 but a solid hit from the cb. So working the tangents backwards from the 6 ball then a 2 ball strike first doesn't add up. Also at 6:50:xxx on the video you can see the cb...
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    final backswing to tip-cb long should it be?

    I agree and disagree 😊😊 . Definitely agree that the lower down the skill ladder you go the more rushed a players stroke is. However after watching and timing (frame by frame at times) 22 of the top 24 pool players were under 1.2 seconds most between .85-1.05. All but one snooker player was...
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    YOU MAKE THE CALL – Are These Pro Shots Fouls or Not?

    The Filler shot is a bad hit. Before contact is made on the 6 the cue ball from the viewers reference is clearly moving left to right. Both the 9 and 2 have moved by that time and the 6 has not. If the cb contacts the 2 first then the 9 the cb would be moving right to left to contact the 6 from...
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    APA foul?

    Not a foul on APA. Even if done intentionally it still is not a foul. However it is a sportsmanship violation, which depending on the circumstances can result in a warning, ball in hand for opponent, loss of game, or loss of match.
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    electric heater power/wattage recommendations for my garage?

    Don't go below 25k btu (7500 w), 30k btu (10000w) would be ideal. It's about temp rise for heating.