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  1. fourkingscues

    Looking for Tim Scruggs Guru

    What you need help with?
  2. fourkingscues

    South west 2023

    Sorry Sold more coming soon
  3. fourkingscues

    South west 2023

    Thank you! I will be posting more cues time to time
  4. fourkingscues

    South west 2023

    Brand new south west enjoy the pics Best Little Kenny
  5. fourkingscues

    looking for 10-20 Tables

    Hello any pool rooms going out of business looking to buy everything PM me Thank you Kenny
  6. fourkingscues

    South west spots

    Looking to buy south west spots PM or contact me on Facebook Thanks Kenny Carfagno
  7. fourkingscues

    Barry Szamboti Cue

    Contact me on face Kenny Carfagno add me
  8. fourkingscues

    WTB Bill Schick cues

    Look to buy Bill schick cues Pm Thanks Kenny
  9. fourkingscues

    New South west

    Looking to buy brand new 2021 or 2022 south west PM me Thanks Kenny
  10. fourkingscues

    My first cue finally finished

    Still love this cue
  11. fourkingscues

    Best Gambler Cue of All Time

    Love this cue
  12. fourkingscues

    2019 Collection

    Nice cue’s buddy
  13. fourkingscues

    Rest In Peace John Herke

    John was 1st class all the way , Can’t say enough about how great and kind he really was !! I am going to Mis him! Prayers R.I.P love you my friend! Little Kenny
  14. fourkingscues

    Want to buy Szamboti cue’s!!!

    Looking to buy Szamboti cues call me 2672578323 email me , booths 53 and 54 at Superbilliardsexpo!!! Cash ready!!!
  15. fourkingscues

    Custom cuemakers absent from exhibitor’s list

    There will be many Cuemaker’s there! The list I don’t think has been updated yet
  16. fourkingscues

    Some serious eye candy at the pool hall today . . .

    Tell Bruce I said hello, nice cues
  17. fourkingscues

    Cue Show

    List posted
  18. fourkingscues

    Cue Show

    Hello Everyone Cue show coming soon!!! Updated list of attending Cuemaker‘s and displayers Nitti Cues Steve Dunkel John Bender Ron Haley Dennis Searing Barry Szamboti Bob Manzino John Showman Patrick Diveney Danny Diveney Jim Pierce James White Andrew Rounceville Bill Schick Jake Hulsey Chris...
  19. fourkingscues

    Show cues!!!

    Yes I have it!