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    Another Sad Event - Need Price Check Help & ID

    Larry is an interesting guy I wish him all the best.
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    Lathe for tips

    Not really sure any of those would work well for tip repair. In my opinion you need a lathe that has a chuck you can feed the shaft thru. I was at the same point a few years ago and wanted to get lathe to change my own tips. Midamerica cue lathe is what I went for.
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    RIP Jim Richards aka Jimmy Tomatoes

    Just heard today about Jim's passing. RIP Sir and my condolences to his family and friends.
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    Sold Predator BK2 wrapless

    I have a buddy looking for a BK break cue let me see if this works for him. I'm at the expo so if he wants it we can meet up.
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    WANTED 1x2 Whitten case

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    WANTED 1x2 Whitten case

    I have a nice 1x2 available. I can email more pics
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    SBE exhibitors on Thursday and Friday

    all vendors are required to be open all the hours the show floor is open.
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    SBE date change

    interesting because I got the dates at last years expo for 13th-16th for 2023. Just looked back thru some old posts on their FB page and it was post as April 13th-16th 40 weeks ago.
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    Darren Appleton

    Wishing Darren a full and quick recovery.
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    Derby city 1p ghost challenge!!

    What AZ room?
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    Don Sherman of Sureman Cues Has Passed

    Don was a staple presence at so many events he will be missed.
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    Cases: Whitten vs. JB

    Over the years I made many trips to the Tampa area. I became friendly with Dan and we played many times and had a bunch of great conversations. All the trips to strokers since his passing are not the same.
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    WTB: Mosconi Cup tickets!

    If you haven't found tickets I may be selling my 2 tickets but they are for all 4 days.
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    Atlantic City Travel Advice

    Are you going to be there for the entire week? If so I would say the rental car maybe a good option.
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    Referees needed for US Open in Atlantic City

    this actually is much better than I thought it would be. Basically $200 a day and a room to sleep in. Like someone mentioned get a friend to do it with you and have them put you in the same room. My guess is you are not going to be working opening to close so probably have some time to watch...
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    New Haven, Ct.

    Got to watch jtompilot in a little action last night. My only observation I will share is he was a complete gentleman in action. Sorry there wasn't any local tournaments we could direct you to. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay feel free to reach out for any recommendation you need. Don't...
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    Billy Webb a.k.a Spiderweb has passed away.

    Very Sad news
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    Sold FS: Brand New Unchalked Paul Mottey Ebony Hoppe Cue

    I just feel I need to chime in with my useless .2. Knowing Kickin' for many years now, done a few deals with him, hung out BS'ing at many of the local rooms and even been to the Chicken coupe a few times, there was never a chance the buyer would have lost his money. I think Brian may realize...
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    Liscotti & the Sixties

    Lol no, you are about the 6th person to ask that. I never even knew about the bora Maserati before someone asking me on AZ. I used to really be into everything VW and bora is what they call the jetta in Europe. At the time I joined AZ billiards I owned 3 jettas so that is where it came from.