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  1. klockdoc

    Team Taiwan vs The World

    Chang Jung Lin won the World 8 Ball championship in 2012 and Ko Pin Yi won the World 9 ball and 10 ball championship in 2015. They can play. Kevin Cheng ( Yu Hsuan Cheng) won the US Open last year
  2. klockdoc

    Justin Bergman slow playing

    Double Dipping You forgot to mention that he also double dipped Mike Dechaine in the 8 Ball tournament in Vegas this past July.
  3. klockdoc

    What is the closest an amateur level player has ever come to winning an event at DCC?

    Az Jay came in 14th in 2003 in 9 ball. Similar capabilities at this time frame.
  4. klockdoc

    steinway classic

    He's making a name for himself. He won the Junior Nationals in South Africa last year. His brother Pin Yi has won it three times I think. He also won the 8 Ball Invitational in Vegas for the BCA and came in second behind his brother in the 10 Ball in 2014. He is a threat in any game and going...
  5. klockdoc

    List of Missouri State 9 Ball Champions

    Two that surprise me are Chuck Raulston and Mike Banks Jr.
  6. klockdoc

    List of Missouri State 9 Ball Champions

    Tom won it the first time he ever played it and then again when they let previous champs back in. Great player.
  7. klockdoc

    Efren vs. John Schmidt

    Everyone thinks John hasn't played in a while. He just got done with the Mosconi cup and probably has played more pool lately than he has in a long time. I think he'll be on his game. (Whatever level that is).
  8. klockdoc

    Scruggs vs. Frey

    I believe that Bob used to make sneakies for Scruggs. I would say that the hit would/should be identical.
  9. klockdoc

    What's the biggest spot you've ever seen someone lose with?

    I've seen this regularly in a match up. Same two people. Bar table 9 ball. Solid B player get the 5, 7, last five and the breaks and they play for more that I or probably many others would want to.
  10. klockdoc

    Comparing Players From Different Eras

    Yeah, 4 x 8 tables with 5 1/4" pockets. I don't believe that most players grew up shooting on 5 X 10's. I grew up in the '60's and there was only a couple of 5 x 10's in town. Most were 4 1/2 X 9's or 4 X 8"s. And I live in a large city that hosted many a top pool player. You don't think that...
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    Shane Van Boening and Dennis Orcollo

    You still where I saw you yesterday? Or you're back home?
  12. klockdoc

    pay outs from the 1 pocket tournament???????

    Probably check with Ray Hansen. He streamed the tournament. Aka Big Truck
  13. klockdoc

    Diamond Systems

    Kicking Academy These are a few systems that DeadAim put together on AZ back in 2004. I have found them very useful. I also have it in a .pdf if you or anyone else wants a copy. Just PM me with email address. Don't know what happened to part 4, 5 and 7 Kicking Academy - Intro Kicking...
  14. klockdoc Texas Open 9-Ball Championship PPV Aug 29th-Sept 1st & Updates

    Here ya go!/?tid=LAD55078
  15. klockdoc

    Congrats to Justin Bergman he wins Carom Room Classic

    Both are from the Illinois side of St. Louis. Fair view Heights for Justin, Collinsville (I believe) for Mark. Justin has been training with Mark since he was around 11 years old.
  16. klockdoc

    SJM's Slant on the CSI 8-ball Scandal

    They happen to have several interpreters with them that can explain the English wording very well.
  17. klockdoc

    SJM's Slant on the CSI 8-ball Scandal

    What reasoning makes you state this?
  18. klockdoc

    playing with inside is difficult

    I always simplify my inside english shots by aiming the tip of cue stick (using about 10:00/2:00 english) at the contact point of the object ball.
  19. klockdoc

    Shane Van Boening v Ko Pin Yi CSI Invitational-July 17) 10ball Race to 21

    He went back natural this year. Here they are at the airport. Vegas bound
  20. klockdoc

    VL sports Taiwan Pro pool matches

    Ko, Ping Chung. :smile: