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  1. incrediblehalk

    I owe some aplogizes

    I second this and send positive vibes your way.
  2. incrediblehalk

    We miss POVPool!

    Thank You Daniel for the countless hours of entertainment!! I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!
  3. incrediblehalk

    LA Earthquake last night, you AZB Members OK

    I was down on a shot when it happened. At first I thought someone bumped into the table, then I thought "it's gonna take more than that to shark me." Half an hour later I realized what had happened.
  4. incrediblehalk

    Rodney shows up in Reno
  5. incrediblehalk

    Qiut smoking day for AZers and support.Monday.

    Didn't read the whole thread so I am not sure if anyone already mentioned this, but if they did I apologize. But the last time I quit I decided I would replace a bad habit with a good one and took on flossing and tongue scraping every day. I think it helped and I am glad that it's a habit I...
  6. incrediblehalk

    ★ earl strickland ★

    Awesome :thumbup:
  7. incrediblehalk

    Let's build a World Class Pool Training Facility

    Great idea! Nothing wrong with dreaming big.
  8. incrediblehalk

    Jay Swanson Memorial Tournament (Question)

    Mark Griffin, Thank you sir for giving So Cal Pool players and enthusiasts an opportunity to see high caliber players in person. Daniel Busch, Thank you for live streaming it for those that can't make it.
  9. incrediblehalk

    Etiquette - Where did it go?

    I am a big believer in education. I think a lot of people don't know any better. I think it's important to pass on the information to the younger generation especially.
  10. incrediblehalk

    We Need To Band Together Dedicated Servers Unite Proposal: Please Read

    I am not a streamer of pool or anything else for that matter, but I like to think of myself as a logical person. I think this is an absolutely great idea and I hope the right people will see it and start talking. We are made kind by being kind. A lot can be accomplished by working together...
  11. incrediblehalk

    I'd like to buy TAR 39 for you.

    Cleary, JohnnyShakes, TheRenfro, JB Cases, Str8 Shots, and Black-Balled. Thank you all for being such kind and generous people. It certainly warms my heart as I am sure it does for many others. Supposedly the pool community is full of hustlers, thieves, and low life scum. You all represent...
  12. incrediblehalk

    I'd like to buy TAR 39 for you.

    Cleary, you sir are a gentleman and quite the entertainer.
  13. incrediblehalk

    Caught my son playing pool!

    Future Champion :thumbup:
  14. incrediblehalk

    Orange County & Los Angeles Tournaments List?

    This info comes from JohnnyShakes in another recent OC thread. According to yelp this place has Diamond barboxes. "If you check out Bart's Pub in Garden Grove, they have a pretty nice B/C tournament on Thursday and Sunday nights. $10 entry, 8-ball, race to 1, double elimination. Starts at 9pm...
  15. incrediblehalk

    18thJay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball - presented by CSI

    Mark Griffin, Im a big fan of yours. Thanks for all you do in pool. :thumbup:
  16. incrediblehalk

    Orange County & Los Angeles Tournaments List?

    Games Plus in Costa Mesa has an 8 Ball tournament on 9 footers on Wednesdays.