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  1. wagdad

    Radial pin shaft

    Howdy folks, looking for a nice tight grain radial pin shaft. Flat face with a quality ferrule material. I like the Carmeli taper.
  2. wagdad

    North Demon FANCY Rose Gold, Silver, and Ebony

    I agree, simple elegance. I like it, I like it a lot!
  3. wagdad

    Predator p3 with revo, should I buy?

    Hey to all the folks that gave their opinion I just wanted to say thank you. I appreciate everyone's feedback. I'm probably going to get the p3 melenge' golden curly maple with wrap and radial pin. It took me awhile to find one without the uniloc joint. Never cared for piloted joints except for...
  4. wagdad

    Predator p3 with revo, should I buy?

    I understand what you are getting at. My goal in comparison was along the lines of, does the p3 play similar to a Carmeli with a 3/8x10, or a radial pinned PFD? My example would be when I chose my last cue, it was between the Carmeli, Richard Black, Bill Schick, and a Richard Hsu. All hit...
  5. wagdad

    Predator p3 with revo, should I buy?

    Nice! I'm also concerned about not using a glove with the revo shaft. I dont have sweaty hands and I dont like wearing a all! Is the shaft fine to use with no glove?
  6. wagdad

    Predator p3 with revo, should I buy?

    I would've done that a while ago, but most of the customs I had, came with non standard joint pins and wasn't comfortable sending my whole cue away for measurement purposes. And, I've sold them all or got swindled by Ryan Tart out of Georgia. He got my kikel, dunkle/Davis conversion and my...
  7. wagdad

    Sugartree cues (Eric Crisp)

    I've had many many conversations for hours on end with Crisp. He has no problems lying right to your ear hole. He'll pretend to be empathetic to your cause or situation, say what you want to hear and never deliver. He's the opposite of a class act. My opinion of course.
  8. wagdad

    Predator p3 with revo, should I buy?

    Thanks for the input. If you have used custom cues before, what makers cue would you compare hit with? The last I owned was a Carmeli that played very similar to a Schick I played with.
  9. wagdad

    Predator p3 with revo, should I buy?

    Hi, just curious about opinions on going from expensive custom cues to shooting with a p3 and revo shaft. I've spent and lost a bundle of money on great custom cues and am now thinking of just getting a p3. Anyone else here done the same thing? How would you compare the playability of a p3 to...
  10. wagdad

    Sold Samsara with 314-3 and extensions

    Do you still have the original Samsara shaft?
  11. wagdad

    Samsara bar cue

    Sorry, posted in wring area! Not sure how to delete.
  12. wagdad

    Samsara bar cue

    In search if Samsara bar cue. The cocobolo version with black leather wrap. Prefer the straight grain version. Just start a conversation with me in my inbox with prices.
  13. wagdad

    Looking for Samsara cocobolo bar cue

    Howdy folks, I'm hoping someone from the AZB community has a Samsara cocobolo bar cue they'd like to sell. I'm after the straight grain version with leather wrap please. Just start a conversation with me in my inbox with condition, shaft/shafts, weight and price. Thanks, and take care all.
  14. wagdad


    Hi, nice looking cue. What's the balance point of the cue?
  15. wagdad


    Anyone else had the displeasure of dealing with these people? This is the 2nd time I contacted them about a cue or cues. I simply asked them standard questions about a Jerry McWorter cue I was interested in. Such as butt weight, shaft weights and balance point. They responded with, they were to...
  16. wagdad

    Mark Wilson - lesson

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you to all that gave advice. The reason I asked about an aim point is; I've been playing for 20 years now. I use to aim at the point of contact on the object ball, then gradually switched to ghost ball and won many games that way. But after changing my stance...
  17. wagdad

    Mark Wilson - lesson

    I too have watched Mark Wilson videos on YouTube, they helped me for sure. But what I have not been able to find is what to aim at on the object ball as an aim point before getting into position to try and move my cue in a straight line to contact said aim point. So now my stance and form are...
  18. wagdad

    EDC Jules Patterson

    Will someone please PM me Jules Patterson EDC cues info? I looked on facebook but came up with nothing but photos. Thanks in advance.
  19. wagdad

    Need help/info with 80's Josswest

    In order to tell from a pic. you should try different light. It just looks white. Really bright LED light helps sometimes. Or a powerful blacklight. Usually ivory will have a cross hatched type of look to it from being cut round and vertical grain with slight color variations resulting in an...